June Midmonth 10/06/21

7 06 2021

OK midmonth is with us already social/projectfocus this time no big talk or anything so bring and show us what you doing or what toys you have pushed through the door over the last few weeks. Ideas and or Volunteers for talks will be gratefully received. Meeting will be via Zoom as now customary cu there guys!

May End of month meeting 27/05/21 Centos IS NOT Dead!!

5 05 2021

Peter Larsen will be delivering his talk on how Centos/Redhat &Fedora distributions all interact both now and the future .CentOS is not dead.. Discover it’s new life come to our meeting by signing up to our meetup (kindly supplied by NoVa LUG) …CU There

May Midmonth 13/05/21

5 05 2021

Midmonth is nearly with us, social and project focus. Come and chat and chew the fat with us

Meeting will be online via Zoom (to be declared)… Cu all there !

April End of Month 29/04/21 Reverse engineering Hardware for Linux

19 04 2021

Heather Lomond, one of our most frequent speakers will be talking about her Migration of TV decoder hardware from a proprietary Windows platform to a Linux variant designed to work on the Raspberry PI called Longmynd and form a part of the suite of software called Portsdown. Talk will focus on the tools and methods used to do this as well as this applies to any generic migration (is there such a thing ??). Learn what goes on and how its done meeting starts 19.30 BST 29/04/21 . Zoom meeting details available here via NoVaLug’s Meetup … see you all there

April Midmonth 08/04/21 Alistair talks on Home automation+Social !

4 04 2021

Talk will be given by Alastair, a telecoms professional by day and IoT nerd & general dabbler by night.

Not your usual talk with a bit of it will be alright on the night throw in to watch how an ESP32 blends with some other Shenzhen silicon and GitHub spice to cook us some fluffy sound – https://photos.app.goo.gl/y1Q9EPMQQGWEpT9RA

Usual social +project talk after presentation. Meeting starts at 19:30 BST Thursday on Zoom MeetUp Details here… Cu all there.

March End Of Month 25/03/21 An Introduction to the Tcl scripting language.

22 03 2021

William Giddings will be reprising his recent talk on TCL Scripting at this Thursday’s Zoom meeting.

Learn how TCL can be used to process data and string manipulation etc. Talk will start at 19:30GMT and will be on Zoom as per usual details are here on the NoVaLUG meetup page… See you all there!

March midmonth 11/03/21 Basic GIT howto and usual Chat!

9 03 2021

Been told good things about GIT or just confused then this weeks short talk should be just the thing for you! Usual banter will then ensue as well as talk on associate topics and any projects members have on the go. Outside the LUG then sign up here to get the meeting details!

February End Of Month 25/02/21 Building a server for and by a “Noob!”

19 02 2021

Nick Cook Mild mannered self declared Noob and Educator ! Come along and share his voyage of discovery from recent Linux convert to builder of hardware and OS and services. Whats SSH, whats Rsync and why am I doing it hardway!! See Linux from a convert and maybe learn from a new point of view.This is the Jan talk which was rescheduled …See you all there!

Meeting starts 7.30pm GMT 25/02/21 Meetup details here all welcome

February Mid Month Meet 11/02/21

7 02 2021

OK lots of activity this week with the WLUG talk on Weds and on Thursday the SLUG mid month meeting.

Usual range of activities Social with project bias and round table of news gossip and general Linux entertainment. Usual meeting arrangement Zoom with details to follow ,starting time 19:30GMT. All welcome cu there…..

Talk how to get Hardware working without breaking your Machine – Talk for Wolves Lug 10/02/21@19.30

5 02 2021

Open Meeting organised by Wolves LUG I’ll be giving a short talk on how to get your hardware talking to your Linux boxen without breaking the existing configuration. What /where to look in terms of both System and Google provided information. How to protect the main host using VMs for your experiments.

Want to come details for the zoom call are via this Meetup Link here…. see you there…. JA