August 2015 meeting Review

28 08 2015

Beacon test on the Wrekin Saturday 5th September 10:00

26 08 2015

In order to test how effective our low power beacon will be and also to test reception around the general area we will be taking a test beacon kindly loaned from Richard W up the Wrekin on Saturday the 5th  hopefully around 10am weather allowing.

Both Dave and Richard will be listening out to the beacon on 433.95MHz but that doesn’t stop you trying too also.More reports the better. We should be leaving the Wrekin car park around 9am hope to see you there.

Want to hear what it should sound like here you go:

Meeting 27th August Lee talks on Databases & Basic SQL getting the Data to work for you.

18 08 2015

This month it’s once again Lee Cashmore  who enters the fray and will give a talk on Databases(particularly Maria/MySQL) and Basic SQL commands. Enough to get you processing your raw flat file datasource in to something you can manipulate with SQL produce web pages via PGP or Language du jour!

Questions welcome so come along or post to list anything you specifically want to know….. see you there.Lee

July Meet Review -Space Farers Assemble

3 08 2015
Firstly a very warm welcome to Kirsty from Shropgeek for making us all aware of the upcoming Shropgeek Revolution event in Shrewsbury on 25th September 2015.
It sound like a great event, and it was a useful reminder that web development isn’t just about HTML, it also involves networking, load balancing, accessibility, service orientation…
Get your name down, quick!
Mark your diaries, for there was a moment in history on Thursday, 30th July 2015.
Stuart presented a bold idea for SLUG – to go in to space!
Yes, the notion is for Shropshire Linux User Group to use Open Source (as far as possible!) to get some kind of electronic payload up into the air – maybe some kind of automated radio beacon a la Sputnik 1, maybe something than can send some atmospheric telemetry.
The aim is to raise the profile and reach of the group, and hopefully interest more people in what hobbyists can do with a bit of commitment and direction to the energy that they so clearly have.
Comments and volunteers for any role on this, please!

Trip to Ipswich Makerspace

24 07 2015

I’ve just had the chance to visit the Ipswich Makerspace a very active group with 15 or more regular  attendees at their rather spacious location at Trinity Church Hall, Ipswich. Robots, large displays galore along with software development and tea :)


Thanks again to Steve et al for taking us in for the evening and showing us their best toys.If you are in the area and interested in creating in anyway take a trip to the next Ipswich Makerspace (2nd and 4th Thursday of every month)


Meeting 30th July Stuart talks Google hangouts and Enhancing group participation

16 07 2015

Stuart Adamson, steps into the presenter’s shoes this month and delivers a double whammy of a Google Hangout (Technology and Use) as well as some ideas of how to increase participation with in the group and the greater LUG family. Live a long way from SLUG or from any other group then deliver that talk using Google Hangouts, the level of interaction can be set to suit the meeting from a simple presenter/ audience view to a one on one as required. In addition Stuart has some totally space cadet ideas on projects that  will really attract attention and hopefully enthusiasm :)

Want to know more come to the party .. Cock Hotel 7pm for 7.30pm start .


June Meeting Review

13 07 2015

Have 100’s or maybe 1000’s or servers and diverse equipment spread over several remote sites then maybe Bergamot is the tool for you? Thanks to Chris Ellis for delivering such a well thought out talk. It opened many to the idea of very large scale Linux deployments and how to maintain/ monitor them to  commercial standards with centralised monitoring!


Bergamot how to stay relaxed when you have a million servers to watch :)

Over a dozen came to the meeting with some support from Wolverhampton LUG. New members and visitors from other LUGs are always welcome, come to the next one and find out what we do!!


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