November midmonth Thursday 09/11/17

6 11 2017

bull-horn-300x300November Midmonth is already upon us. Usual time place of Thursday 09/11/17 7pm at the Arleston Inn . Usual  midmonth open meeting with project focus and all things Linux.

I’ll be bringing my  new CAN bus analyser so if any one wants a look give us a shout!


See you there……!


October End of Month 26/10/17-CAN Bus Howto!

17 10 2017

CanThe year runs quickly away from us. Heather will be talking about CAN bus and how it is used for Automotive control, her experience in implementing Linux based solutions and how CAN can be used to control other non automotive solutions. As usual the meeting is at the Cock Hotel Wellington Thursday 26th@7pm start. Pies and chips as usual. I hope to see you down there….Gentlemen start your engines!!!

October Mid Month 12/10/17

9 10 2017

bull-horn-300x300Autumn is well upon us and so is the October Mid Month this Thursday(12th Oct) at the Arleston Inn. Usual project focus and social chating and pontification of all things Linux!

See you there

CLI goodness

7 10 2017
Picture of a BASH session


A good session on CLI fun – who knew that a simple dash could make so much difference to a su, eh?

And hands up who knew that you could have a carriage return in the middle of a filename?

Be honest, now!

Seriously, this session really showed that there is a lot of knowledge and experience across all sorts of areas in the group, and the discussion was excellent, and possibly, as someone commented, the most Linux-focused we’ve had in a while!

Remember, man and info are your friends.

Thanks to everyone for coming and for contributing so much.

September End of Month 28/09/17 Linux Command Line Fu!

22 09 2017

StuartTuxWhat is the difference between Tux and Stuart???

That’s right one eats fish the other drinks beer!!!! LOL!!  Other than that they are pritty similar. To prove this Stuart is giving the September End Off Month talk and will be demonstrating how best t o use the Linux Command line to solve practical problems.

Have command line programming problems you would like explaining please ask on the list  or maybe even on the day. Either way a good oppotunity to catch up on your basic command line skills. Meeting is at 7pm 29/09/17 at the Cock Hotel as usual.


FOSDEM 18 trip list started

17 09 2017


FOSDEM 18, is the largest such event in Europe. Open Source done large with over 600 talks and 8000 creatives. Subjects from Opensource H/W to S/W to advocacy to Opensource Project Management. The graphic literally says it all including Belgian Beer(What could be better). We currently have around 5 from SLUG going to FOSDEM18 , want to come express yourself on the SLUG List.

September Mid Month 14/09/17

11 09 2017


The September Mid Month 14/09/17 @7pm Arleston Inn as usual.  We will be having project updates, Linux trivia, food and general chit chat maybe an impromptu talk if someone feels brave. As usual it’ll be nice to see you there, bring whatever interests you and most importantly your self …see you there!!