FOSDEM 18 trip list started

17 09 2017


FOSDEM 18, is the largest such event in Europe. Open Source done large with over 600 talks and 8000 creatives. Subjects from Opensource H/W to S/W to advocacy to Opensource Project Management. The graphic literally says it all including Belgian Beer(What could be better). We currently have around 5 from SLUG going to FOSDEM18 , want to come express yourself on the SLUG List.


September Mid Month 14/09/17

11 09 2017


The September Mid Month 14/09/17 @7pm Arleston Inn as usual.  We will be having project updates, Linux trivia, food and general chit chat maybe an impromptu talk if someone feels brave. As usual it’ll be nice to see you there, bring whatever interests you and most importantly your self …see you there!!

August End of Month Report

5 09 2017


Thanks to everyone who turned up on Thursday. August is typically a quiet month with holidays etc, but just to prove us wrong we had a bumper turn out with only a fraction on the picture above.  The free format talks worked out well with this number with many topics of converstation to be had projects advanced and planned. Generous mounts of food was supplied by the Publicans as well as the usual quality Beer !


SLUG again at TDARS Rally 03/09/17

30 08 2017

DSC_0534Once again we will be running a stand at TDARS Hamfest@ Enginuity, promoting Linux and more specifically Linux and Hamradio. This year we should truely out do ourselfves with the Shack in a bag from Dave(Pic above), Balloon Launch  paraphanalia from Paul& Heather, 3D Printing and Digimode demonstration by John. Additionally we should be demoing a mini playable Arcade Cab, ADSB decode on a mast mounted Raspberry Pi and several other items.


SLUG has attended the TDARS rally for over 15 years now and I for one are looking forward to the event this Sunday.See you there!!



John Alexander demonstrating a Raspberry Pi  to Don a TDARS member ’14

August end of Month 31/08/17

25 08 2017

bull-horn-300x300August meeting is on, with everyone on holiday we are holding our big talks for latter on in the year.  This meeting will be a social with a chatypoos and individual project updates(maybe even some stuff we have ready for the rally!).

As usual the meeting is at the Cock Hotel Wellington @7pm… See you there.


Aug mid month 10/08/17

6 08 2017

Android_robot_2014.svgAugust mid month meeting is again at the Arleston Inn @7pm 10.08/17.

This is our usual project based meeting there will be updates and discussion on members current projects, ideas and news of the day. Heather as also kindly volunteered to give us a quick 5 min guide to producing your first Android App …See you there!!!

Satellite Tech Primer July 27th

24 07 2017

flying-laptop__2A Satellite made at the University of Stuttgart was launched just recently. The so called Flying Laptop was a student project and we are fortunate enough to have Barry give us a talk as he has contributed to elements of the system bus.  As it’s a very current topic Barry is hoping to give this overview now and an even more supdupa one latter on in the year ;-). Talk is as usual at the Cock Hotel Wellington starting at 7pm. See you there …Should be a good one