September End of Month Meeting 27/09/18

20 09 2018

logoTim Williams from Birmingham Lug has kindly come around to give us a talk on Internet Video how  it works and why it works the way it does with topics such as:- Container formats, Codecs, H264/AVC video encoding, AAC Audio and others including software tools for video. All to gether it will be a very interesting talk indead.
Location will be the Cock Hotel Wellington and time will be 7pm as per usual. If you are new to the club and would liketo come down then you are by all means welcome this should be quite a good introduction WLUG /BLUG and any other LUG members are also welcome…. See you there


September Mid month Thursday 13/09/18

8 09 2018

17Well guys the Rally is over and by the looks so is the Summer 😉 however the SLUG massif is still here and meeting at our usual midmonth haunt the Arleston Inn Wellington. Expect the inevitable  midmonth banter and problem solving. With so many projects and events we should expect some good interesting creative points. See you there…

August End of Month Meeting 30/08/18

19 08 2018

Arnie-AndroidRapidly heading towards the end of August and thus the end of Summer propper. Holiday period is still underway so we are discussing the TDARS radio rally our stand  and the Linux Demonstrations on it. Bring your projects for a group clinic and problem solve. Remember Tim Wiliams from BLUG will be coming to visit us in September and deliver his talk on Video codecs and internet Video delivery…. all good stuff!

August Mid month Thursday 9/8/18

1 08 2018

Penguin LILOOK it’s time once again for our Midmonth meeting as usual it will be held at Arleston Inn @7pm. Usual topics of projects,balloons,home auto , any volunteers for the TDARS rally welcome. See you there or have a happy hols like the penguin here!

July End of Month Meeting 26/07/18

21 07 2018

April2015_1It’s sunny July and its again Meeting time and as usual it will be held at the Cock Hotel Wellington starting at 7pm . Main topics will be project, the Rally stand as well as the balloon launch and DTV project. Lots of busy projects it’ll be fun to see how they are coming along ..See you all there

Mid July Meeting Thursday 12/07/18

9 07 2018

bull-horn-300x300OK it’s time once again for our Midmonth meeting as usual it will be held at Arleston Inn @7pm. Usual topics of projects,balloons,home auto and Social chattypoos. Hope that you are not suffering too much from the heat and to see you there

June End of Month 28/06/18

23 06 2018

UBoatBusy one for you all this month, at the Cock Hotel @7PM as usual, we have Heather talking about how to use the Google Maps API with in your application, Dave Harris will be talking about the TDARS Rally taking place this September(1st/2nd) and finally our self on what we have been doing over the year so far. Also we hope to have a contingent from Birmingham Group, so a busy time overall! … Cu all there !!