O’Reilly Velocity and Software Architecture Conferences Berlin free 20% discount code

11 09 2019

orm_partner_meerkats_125x125 Fancy going to the O’Reilly Velocity or Software Architecture conferences in Berlin this November then we have just the thing for you . Use the promo code “PCSL20” and save you a whopping 20%, maybe we’ll see you there!!


September Mid Month Meeting 12/09/19

7 09 2019

bull-horn-300x300Mid Month is already here , we’ll be having our midmonth meeting at the Arleston Inn  @7Pm 12th Sept as usual. Usual social and project focus so bring your projects  with you as well as any Linux news/issues/gossip. Balloon launch on the 14th so if you want to get your RTL SDR or other Radio set up then bring it along to test  with the actual kit. Hope to see you  there !


2nd Balloon Release14/09/19

7 09 2019

12_24_39We have permission to release on the 7th/14th/21st of September. Weather permitting we will be Launching on the afternoon of the 14th, this time with a bit more gas and thus shorter/faster and yet higher trip through the atmosphere. Get your radio  kit set up., come to our Mid month event and check that your gear is all working against the actual Telemetry package.

Come to our Stand with at the TDARS Rally 01/09/19

20 08 2019

slughamfest2014 The LUG will once again be Demoing  at the TDARS Rally which this year is  now at the Harper Adams University site. Linux and Radio, Linux+SSTV, Linux +3D printer as well as High Altitude Ballooning(HAB) which is not only a demo but also forms the Talk Heather Lomond will be delivering to the visitors. We are hoping for a great turn out form both the usual suspects but more Linux Aficionados. See you there!

August Main Meeting: Home Automation interactive discussion 29/08/19

18 08 2019

Photo by 수안 최 on Unsplash

Our resident home automation expert  Roger Harris will be chairing the discussion on Linux based home automation. want to learn or have something to comment on say Home Assistant or Domoticz  then this is your chance to have your say. This is a wide ranging discussion from the high level software above to the drivers and custom firmware required for the control hardware and home brew solutions based on ESP 8266/ESP32  and other such hardware. As usual this will be held at the Cock Hotel Wellington Thursday 29/08/19@7pm, hope to see you there!


Counting Meteors with SDR RTL Dongles 17/08/19

18 08 2019

Shropshire Astronomical Society is a regular visit for us and this time the trip out  to Rodington Village Hall set us up for a particularly well attended event with  Heather doing a presentation on Meteor counting and tracking using a PC and RTL Dongle as a SDR Receiver


Space debris of all types hit the atmosphere 24/365 and cause the air to ionise which in turn reflects radio waves back  to the observer, if this signal is not normally receivable  then  you can count the meteors by counting the signal pulses. In this case the source of strong radio waves was the GRAVES transmiter in France  during the demo the signal was received several times a minute with the back end of the Perseid shower making up the bulk of the objects observed. Heather will be making the talk available to download and we’ll be linking to this when available so if you are interested in trying this for yourself click here when available!

Space Guard Centre and BBQ 10/08/19

18 08 2019

cropped-sgclogo-with-blue-text-long-small1Thanks to Ian and Heather for organising this all day event  firstly at the Space GuardCentre in Knighton  just over the Welsh border.  Spaceguard is home to several wide-field telescopes including one from Cambridge University which is currently been re-commissioned with a suitably way out project name Drax

tele1 One of the currently operating  telescopes at Spaceguard.

The tour is a fun couple of hours been taken around the site learning about the work of not only Spaceguard but also other agencies mostly in the USA as well as the good work been done by Amateur observers. Make sure the human race doesn’t go the way of the dinosaurs take a trip here and maybe make a small donation to their Asteroid hunting efforts!


Space is hungry business and after a drive through the Shropshire countryside we all arrived at Heather and Paul’s place and we had a very pleasant BBQ and fun chat.


Thanks to all who organised the day and those who came and made it a happy time!