Midlands RT and ATV event Dec14/15

20 11 2019



     FYI. Please find below details about the Midlands RT and ATV event
for 2019. For those who are new to this it is a small (ish) friendly
group of radio enthusiasts all getting together to
discuss/make/test/learn/assist all things radio, microwave and ATV.

    The Event is on the weekend of 14th/15th December 2019 at Eaton
Manor, Shropshire. https://www.eatonmanor.co.uk/

    10am to 5pm on the Saturday, then out on the hills (or indoors if
the weather is bad) for operating/testing on the Sunday. If there is
sufficient interest we will arrange a table for dinner on the Friday
and/or Saturday evenings. Please let us know if you are coming so we can
arrange food and tables for dinner:  heather@myorangedragon.com   07802
548 938.
    As before, the emphasis will be on making, debugging and testing
Microwave (and all things radio) projects. There will be a couple of
talks during the day and tables set aside for bring and buy but the main
focus will be on the large array of test and assembly equipment and,
most importantly, lots of expertises on hand to help get your projects
up and running. As well as the usual Spectrum Analysers, Power Meters
and so on, we will also have SMD rework/assembly facilities, High
Altitude Balloon testing, Antenna Testing, DATV systems and a full QO100
SSB and DATV station..G8GTZ-portable-150x150

    We have reserved one of the Estate’s Holiday Cottages to provide
accommodation for visitors to the event. All rooms are en-suite,
available as double/twin (and possibly triple) beds and will cost £110
per room, for the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights).. There may be an
option on the Sunday night as well. Guests can arrive from 5pm on Friday
and we will be ready to kick stuff off on the Friday evening is people
want to start doing things as soon as they arrive. Please contact Eaton
Manor on 01694 724 814 to book a room.

    The Event itself will cost £10 per person, this covers refreshments
and a full cooked lunch on Saturday (which has been superb for the past
events we have held) and access to Brown Clee on the Sunday.


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November End of Month -28/11/19 Live Programing Algorithms as Music

19 11 2019

Stuart Stuart has kindly stepped in to give us a talk on Live programming and how it relates to the demo scene and live music “emission”. It’s certainly very different to most things you can do under Linux and any other OS for that matter. Find out the what, the why maybe even join in !!! Meeting is as usual at The Cock Hotel, Thursday 28/11/19 starting at 7pm. See you there ..bring your ears!

November Mid Month Meeting 14/11/19

10 11 2019

bull-horn-300x300November Midmonth is almost here 14/11/19 Thursday 7pm at The Arleston Inn. Usual social and project focus abounds. I’ve seen quite a few new  projects brought to the fore at the show and tell last month lets continue the conversation and get our projects moving. See you there!

Winter Projects for the 19-20 season

27 10 2019

psuThe cold inclement months are with us and now we have inside time those Winter Projects are back in full flow! I have many projects on the go and maybe it’s time to complete (some) of them (Like this UV curing widget for the resin 3D prints!). I know that most of the group have one if not many projects on the go. What are you doing tell us in  the comments!

October End of Month 31/10/19

27 10 2019

image Lightening talks are the order of this month’s meeting. Small short talks about 15 mins or less stand up tell us what you are doing and maybe enthuse someone to help you or even join your project! Ian will be telling us about his journey with FreeCad, others to join soon. Meeting will be at the Cock Hotel as usual opening at 7pm for a 7.30 start

October Mid Month Meeting 10/10/19

6 10 2019

bull-horn-300x300Mid Month is already here , we’ll be having our midmonth meeting at the Arleston Inn  @7Pm 10th Oct as usual. Usual social and project focus so bring your projects  with you as well as any Linux news/issues/gossip. I see that many of you have moved on significantly with your projects please bring along what you are doing. Hopefully your demo will enthuse others to work with you or even start there own!

September End of Month26/09/19

22 09 2019

12_24_39September already, time for the end of month meeting held as usual at The Cock Hotel Wellington Thursday at 7pm. Heather will be giving those who weren’t available a run down of the Launch what was expected and how we improved the launch method as well as the trapes through farmer’s fields to recover it after it landed.

Come along and enjoy …..