May Mid Month 09/05/19

5 05 2019


Mid month is upon us again already, lots going on behind the scenes with the Hot air Balloon festival in town park I believe the HAB telemetry device is going with one of the balloons so we can receive more data and prove the systems further. Bring your kit if you want to do a test run in the Pub 😉 ! Parts for the BASIC Engine computer are now here so you can now build one your self and have a a lot of fun programming this rather nice device.. Usual other project news including home auto and AI projects.

As usual the meeting is at the Arleston Inn 7pm start!

We need more ideas for end of month talks so bring your selves brimed with good ideas if you can … See you there !!


April End of Month Unity Games Engine howto 25/04/19

3 04 2019

AC1Andy Clarke from Shropshire Devs will be graciously giving us his talk on basic games creation on the exceptionally popular Unity engine much beloved of Steam and other platforms remember you can do much much more with Unity than just games.

Recommended by Microsoft for creating mixed reality experiences for the Hololens, Unity has transcended it’s beginnings as a cross-platform game engine.

So whether you are looking to create a 3D game for mobile, or have your sights set on a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Rift, Unity is a tool you’ll want to learn.

One surprise for C# developers getting started with Unity is the level of integration with Visual Studio and how simple it is to add C# code to manipulate their Unity creations.

In this demo led session we’ll go back to basics with Unity, creating a simple 3D game with realistic physics, textures and explosions. We’ll look at the fantastic Visual Studio integration and how cohesively the two editors work together.

Finally we’ll look at a more complex 3D experience and how to use Unity’s networking features to allow different users to interact in a 3D world.

Keeping the best news for last: Unity is royalty free until you’re earning $100,000. So if you like the idea of becoming wildly rich from making immersive 3D experiences, this is the talk for you! ” Andy Clarke


As usual this will be run at the Cock Hotel Wellington starting at 19.00

April mid month Balloon Shakedown and other projects 11/04/19

3 04 2019

As the Launch date is getting close this Mid month is going to be heavily biased  to testing folks telemetry setup . If you have a  RTL dongle or similar and want to track the balloon as it races across the country then by all means bring your kit  and test it against the Live telemetry package. Other project talk is on the go as usual!

Bring your Linux gear to the Arleston Inn, Thursday 11/04/19 starting at 19:00

PHP introduction has a full audience

29 03 2019


Thanks again  to Mike Bywater from PHP Shropshire for  this well organised talk on Introductory PHP. Covering both the history and the current state of PHP and introducing Frame works like Laravel.  Delivered to a full function room of over 15 people. Want to learn more then maybe get yourself to the next PHP Shropshire meeting

Update you can now download this talk and others here from the PHPH Shropshire GIT

Linux Music @Brum LUG goes down a treat

27 03 2019

Brum Music Crowd I’m very happy to hear that Stuart’s talk on Linux Music software went down a treat. It’s the first time that Stuart as delivered his talk outside SLUG and it’s nice to have him made so welcome by those at BLUG. The talk is another in the now regular talk exchange program been promoted by the Birmingham and Shropshire LUGs. Again thanks to everyone for a very productive talk and here’s looking to the next in the series!

March End of Month 28/03/19 Introduction to PHP

16 03 2019

PHPMike Bywater has gratefully stepped in and offered us a talk on Introductory PHP.  From its early beginnings to its current state as  an Object Orientated language. Want to get an overview of how to build your next website with PHP then come to the March mid-month talk, usual venue(Cock Hotel, Wellington) starting at 7pm.Lets see you there!


Basic Engine Computers like the 80’s but with out the hassle. Just add ESP8266

15 03 2019

be_logoWhilst looking for a retro computer project I was infuriated by the price of old “Vintage” computers faulty more expensive than when they still worked. Looking for a build most were just too retro and had no features and others just an FPGA. I figured there should be something based on the ESP but with real graphics. I was going to do my own but instead I found  the Basic Engine which is delightful in terms of simplicity, cost but also usefulness! It’s not a kit but a well described build with supplied Gerbers for the PCB and a Parts List supplied. A well featured basic is available and easy to program .


Now we have the PCBs back from JLC PCB(in less than a week BTW!!) expect some retro goodness soon!