November Meeting -Centos 7 User Review

8 11 2015

centos-logo-lightAngelos Mermiklis, one of our newest members has kindly volunteered to give a talk on his experiences with CentOS 7. Should be interesting to see how it compares with other OS’ and other Linux Variants. What has he learned and how it compares with RHEL. Usual time 7.00pm, usual place Cock Hotel Thursday 26th of November

October Meeting Review

31 10 2015

Thanks to Lee who is currently replete in frequent talker miles :) for an informative talk on Motion the camera motion analyser software. With Many dozens of options and tuning parameters it can be daunting for beginner and expert alike as  Lee and the group found out in demo when forced to use a random USB camera for the demo. The demo became a live debug with the group chipping in “advice” fortunately  after sometime Lee noticed  he had left the VLC attached to the camera, corrected his school boy error and got Motion all fired up.


Thanks to all those who turned up, we had a good turn out of 15 members, many of which were new recruits, so many that we couldn’t get them all in shot and the room was pretty much full !!


Success viewed in the SLUG ‘Portal’

October Meeting – Motion security software for Linux

20 10 2015

motion-trans Lee has once again kindly volunteered to demonstrate the Motion Capture software  

With all  the interest on the list towards home automation and security  builds  many questions were asked on motion and other products. Lee will demonstrate a Laptop based implementation and will be available to answer what ever questions you may have. As usual  we shall be at the Cock Hotel Wellington 7pm Thursday  29th of October, food drink available!

Balloon Purchased Launch Now Inevitable ! :)

20 10 2015

No escape now Stuart has invested heavily in to the Shropshire Space program and bought a weather balloon from EBAY.So now we have the RPI, GPS and Radio systems from Hab Supplies and now the balloon, expect some equipment checks and a test launch in the near future!


September Meeting Review

20 10 2015

Sorry for being a little bit late with the review but now I’m back from the land of the Camel and Eagle(Mongolia) I have no excuses. Thanks again to all those who turned up, especially as this was more of an interactive style than usual.  In fact I was very happy in the way it turned out, I was also surprised at the number of projects on  the go and  how quickly the group managed to find solutions to those show stoppers. To put it simply the format worked and I think we shall have more of them in future hopefully with progressed or even completed projects up on the list.

Penguins with Frickin Lasers coming soon!

Meeting 24th September Personal project surgery

16 09 2015

OK in to the autumnal months and time to start those indoor projects you have been neglecting!

Bring yourselves over to the Cock Hotel as usual to discus your project ask what ever questions  you wish or even demonstrate them if that’s what you want to do. Don’t worry that you’ll be alone Stuart has volunteered to go first with 3 of his current projects as well as a progress report on Sheep Worrier  One .. Shopshire’s only Space program :) 960px-ProjectOrionConfiguration

5th September 2015 Wrekin beacon

9 09 2015

Transmitter testing on the Wrekin

Saturday morning John A walked up the Wrekin carrying the UHF beacon transmitter and an initial test to see the kinds of distances it could be heard and learn a little about the kind of random real-life problems that could be found and solved before further testing towards an eventual balloon launch.  There were various people listening to see if they could hear it. John has video, photos and reports which will go into the project page  linked at the top. It was a success – John learned a few important things, some people heard the transmitter signals around 2.5 to 3 miles away.

More in the project page soon, but thanks to all who listened but successful reports from Martyn Vincent, G3UKV along Long Lane and Cathy who listened parked up at Coalmoor, who sent the map below.  You might think this is a short distance, but this beacon is putting out a signal thats about as strong as a keyfob for a car!



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