Aug mid month 10/08/17

6 08 2017

Android_robot_2014.svgAugust mid month meeting is again at the Arleston Inn @7pm 10.08/17.

This is our usual project based meeting there will be updates and discussion on members current projects, ideas and news of the day. Heather as also kindly volunteered to give us a quick 5 min guide to producing your first Android App …See you there!!!

Satellite Tech Primer July 27th

24 07 2017

flying-laptop__2A Satellite made at the University of Stuttgart was launched just recently. The so called Flying Laptop was a student project and we are fortunate enough to have Barry give us a talk as he has contributed to elements of the system bus.  As it’s a very current topic Barry is hoping to give this overview now and an even more supdupa one latter on in the year ;-). Talk is as usual at the Cock Hotel Wellington starting at 7pm. See you there …Should be a good one


Summer Garden Party a Great Success!

23 07 2017


Thanks to everyone who came to the garden party today organised by Roger Harris and his wife Jean Food and drink were excellent and so was the company as seen above. I would like to thank Roger and Jean for an excellent time and look forward to the next event !

July Mid Month 13/07/17

9 07 2017

Mid month hits us again,  Meeting will be at the Arleston Inn at 7pm as usual.

News …baloon electronics are finished, so is the software assuming no complications so we may have initial test results from Heather on the farm come the meeting

Heather has also kindly volunteered to do a talk on her experiences as an SQL /PHP neophite so there will be a topic for the meet although summer lazy rules are still in effect ;-). See you there !

June end meeting – report

2 07 2017

Dave Harris demoing a radio project based on a pelican case and ham radio kitDave gave a talk about his project to pack a small radio and Pi computer and LCD display into a secondhand Pelican case to make, what the American’s call a Go box – this was still unfinished but functional. The Pi and hdmi computer ran off a cheap phone-charger type psu giving 5v out via usb – the radio ran from a 12v 7a/h  SLAB battery – both powered the set for the evening around 1 to 1.5 hours. The radio sat in a hand-cut (and cut hand!) piece of chair foam with sections cut for the parts – including a vital antenna matching device – for demo’s sake wasn’t yet in place. The case still needs holes drilling for external connections – but hopefully to show the Septemeber Hamfest see

Postscript: Despite being a working setup Dave’s since realise that the antenna matching unit doesn’t fit in the case and allow the lid to close without damaging the LCD. Pause for re-think.


June End Of Month Meeting 29/06/17

25 06 2017

DSC_0534June Meeting  will be as usual at the Cock Hotel Wellington Thursday 29/06/17 @7pm. Dave Harris will be demonstrating his Raspberry Pi powered back pack powered radio. It’s now moved on to start it’s life in a Pelican case find out how the project is maturing and how you may be able to help! Dave will also be talking about the Telford (TDARS) radio rally (3rd September)held each year at the Enginuity Museum. We run a stand there each year demonstrating Linux and Linux Projects in all their forms in particular those relating to radio. Come down for what should be an interesting meeting…See you there!


June Mid Month 08/06/17

4 06 2017

960px-ProjectOrionConfigurationJune Mid month is on Thursday 08/06/17 @ Arleston Inn start time 7pm as usual.  Projects all types Linux but not exclusively. Bring the toys, sort stuff out. Food and Drink available as usual. Talks will return as they bubble up !!

See you there!