June Main Meeting Thursday 30th June

12 06 2016

opensourceneedsyouStuart once again takes the reins. Fresh from his recent day trip to the BarCamp in Brum he asks the question “What can you do for Open Source?!”. Call for action from all you don’t need to be  a superdupa programmer dude to create some value, in fact wether you are a User, developer, designer, project manager or group leader you can contribute something to the software (and other projects!!)that you use every day.

Meeting is on Thursday 30th of June at the Cock Hotel starting as usual @7pm.. See you there!



Eagle Cad- Test Webinar

12 06 2016

eagleWe will be running a webinar on Eagle Cad @ the e-Innovation Centre, Telford 16th June@6pm. The idea is to trial the Webinar format and also give a basic overview on how to run the Eagle package so popular with many makers. Shabaz will be delivering the Webinar remotely via his laptop and we expect the group to follow along using the 55″ Cinematic monitor and hopefully try some of the key points out themselves on their own local copies of Eagle. Spaces are limited so a seat is allocated by request (send an email to the list or contact us directly).  The demo board for the evening should be the PCB for the Shepard Balloon following devices which means we should also have a useful board and some experience of creating our own components by the end of  the evening. Hope to see you there.


June Mid Month-Bash Fundementals!

6 06 2016

Ukeep-calm-and-bin-bashsual Mid Month time and location of Arleston Inn Thursday the 9th of June starting @ 7pm. Heather and maybe myself will do an instructional on basic Bash Command line usage. So if telling the difference between SED and AWK has you GREPing for the bottle, then this is FOR you. Test your ULIMITs see you Thursday!!

Bletchley Park Trip

6 06 2016

turingThanks again to all those who come down to Bletchley Park to visit  both the Code Breakers Museum and The National Museum Of Computing. Every one seemed to enjoy them selves and there was plenty to see with many working exhibits and memorabilia  as well as many interactive displays showing the basic principles of cryptography.




Heather and her motley crew disable a passing U-Boat🙂


The Colossus running at the Computing Museum

May Main Meeting Thursday 26th May

8 05 2016

Heather will be entertaining us again with her anecdotes as a professional programmer. There is also a Q&A on whatever programming related problems you may have. Thirdly we will be running a show and tell /Surgery on what ever projects you currently have on the go.

All in all a busy value packed event, held as usual at the Cock Hotel 26th May 7pm.

See you all there!

May Mid Month -Thursday 12th

7 05 2016

Nintendo 64 controlerStuart Adamson will be demonstrating his collection of Emulators available under Linux and the games available for them. Learn about the current state of the art in Linux emulation technology and how to build a system to make it all run!Expect a lovely trip down memory lane with Stuart ..🙂

Meeting will be at the Arleston Inn starting at 7pm as usual.. see you there!

April Main Meeting Thursday 28th

8 04 2016

Meeting as usual is at The Cock Hotel Wellington 7pm start. Pie and Chips as well as two talks!

Picture1Revisiting the First Pi coding talk with further information on talking to peripherals and Sensors. Check out Heather’s page here to see what’s all about beforehand.

960px-ProjectOrionConfigurationIn addition progress on the payload for the balloon will be discussed. Volunteer to operate the Shepherd or SheepDog peripherals in the wild… You’ll be barking mad not to!!