AFU Knoppix V6 Released

31 05 2009

I’m pleased to see the AFU Knoppix has been released – initially with a broken kernal in the EN version, which wouldn’t boot.  As promised they fixed it and its a neat distro for radio hams with plenty of software pre-installed, which saves time and cursing (when you get stuck in a library loop – wont work – no lib – cant install lib wrong ver.  previous one doesnt work,  previous ver wont work with newer other libs….. etc) .

It’s a live distro as per Knoppix and look on the German only page (Google translate is useful here) at

Look at the bottom of the 14/5/9 posting for a link to the EN ver.  I’ve got it and enjoyed using it – not a fan of KDE though, AFU is sorted mostly – though some multi-language applicaitons appear – worth a try.

Dave H G0CER



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