Shropshire LUG goes Telford Hackaday

6 02 2010

From our reporter on the spot, John Alexander, along with other SLUG members took part in the first Telford Hackaday.

Strike While The “Soldering” Iron is hot they say.

An entourage of 8 members arrived with machines and various half projects and being organised at short notice we were intending this to be more of a “show and tell” rather than full workshop.

John A actually demonstrated the equipment required to deliver true 1080p from ANY capable PC to any Full HD TV using a VGA-HDMI converter allowing us to watch rather too many simultaneous  episodes of HAK5

John Darley, showed off his handy work with a part built  “Cup Cake CNC” From Makerbot Industries
An excellent piece of kit which actually extrudes molten plastic onto a table to create 3D objects including rather cleverly,  parts for further Makerbots.

Fortunately we do not need to fear Robot domination as of yet since John as yet to finish the extruder head and commence the building his New Model Army!

Here’s an example of what Robots eat! 😀

Others spent time fiddling with a mobile satellite dish attempting to get a DVB-S PCI card to fire up (better luck next time Jim!!)

Chris Cutler and son Rob were busy assembling a WIFI listening device.

Nothing worse than an emergency with your Plumbing Mr Darley to the rescue.
I’m sure this wasn’t what he expected from the term Water sports!

Well earned Cup of Coffee!

Later John A (Always one for his toys) demonstrated the USB powered MIMO 7″ LCD monitor he got from Scan Computers and how  to get it working under Linux using libDLO.

Jim been rather “camera shy” after the Satellite debarcle

John D in a “knot” with Fedora 10

Over all a great time was had. Thanks again to all those who turned up at such short notice especially the new guys who didn’t know what to expect from the SLUGs!!

Both the main SLUG meetings and the Hackdays rely on you to make them successful. Interested leave a comment  or turn up to our regular SLUG meetings last Tuesday of the month at the Station Inn Horsehay



3 responses

7 02 2010

it was an interesting day

5 09 2011
English Language

I have to say that this does look like a very interesting sort of day, I had one which was very similar a couple of weeks ago, it was non stop, but all worth it in the end.

24 02 2013

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