April 2011 Meeting

1 05 2011

We had a total of seven come to the meeting not bad considering how quiet this email list as been recently and the proximity to several bank holidays!!

Seven isn’t a bad number and every one was on good form tons of subjects covered( Even Linux was mentioned).

As promised here’s some links to what we have been ranting on about :


I have bulk purchased a whole 8 (now 5!!) Arduino boards. 3 have been bought by brave members who have promised faithfully to get a LED flashing by next meeting ;).

An Arduino is a development board with a small micro-controller on board that can be programmed to do “Stuff” via the USB

Whoopydo you might say …Why would I be interested in this?

Good question .. “Stuff” is probably a good answer too as the list can be as long as you want. Controlling Lighting/Heating/Displaying Values from your PC, Fan control, UAVs,
Ballons (ask Chris) or simply flashing that LED on and off as a learning experience.

Why Arduino?
Because it’s already well known… saves a lot of explanations
Simple/ Cheap (13£ Fom Me!! Honest John!!!) / opensource
Pre-Compiled development environments (IDEs) for Windows/Mac/Linux
Large community of developers
Large number of Providers of Special Shields that sit on the Arduino providing all sorts of
functionality like GPS/Gyros/Sensors/Mains Relays etc etc etc

Large volume of code available to hack into your own solutions

Here’s a brief selection of Arduino links to wet your appetites:

Main site

IDE software for host machine
Associated howto’s

Note that Fedora and Ubuntu have pre-rolled packages for all this use them they are much easier


Manufacturers and Retailers of Arduino stuff


What Can I do with my Arduino???

Other Sites

I hope some of you will take time to travel some of those links and be interested in doing
something . In a spirit of jumpstarting interest I have the remaining Arduino boards available at cost (£13) if any one else wants one. To get one shout on the list, in the case I have to choose due to lack of boards those who came up with an idea of what they want to do will get preference. Over the coming months I’m hoping to get more familiar with it myself and
help those interested to get further with their new widget.

Best of luck guys! Get Hacking!

Educational Resources inc TED
http://www.ted.com/ (Bruce Schneier willbe a good talk BTW)

Those at the meeting know I love Aerogel


Get to the Linux command line in the Kindle etc etc


Day 0 Arduino Flashing App



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