Midmonth Builds

12 06 2011

Just had the mid-month meeting!!

Made stuff ,broke stuff, made it better and finally took the mickey and set it on Fire!!

Most of the day was centred around testing code for testing the power settings of a pair of DC Brushless

motors used in almost all Quadracopters.  Basically a Single motor was able to lift a 2 ft piece of wood and

would of flown around with it if we were not attached to it. Problem is that in doing this both drew much more

current than stated and killed their Speed controllers ;( !! We have video of the Latter

debarcle which we’ll upload in due course.

In the mean time take a quick look at the other project which is a Pan and Tilt  device which will have two main uses

1)  Underneath the Quadracopter as a first person Cam platform

2) Part of an automated Panoramic photo taking device.

We intend to remove the bluetac and Cable ties holding the Camera when we get the code right and probably beef up the servos!

Interesting Links:

Linux Wheelchair Robot:


Dave Hariis’ Blog  Various with Astrophotography
























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