New venues for the LUG

14 11 2011

Following the closure of our old (but convenient) meeting place – we’ve now got two.

We have now a collection of dates for meetings at Telford College – and in return for putting on some events through the year to bring Linux to staff and students we’ll have a room for free. It’s a large room where a talk could be happening at one end and other discussions at the opposite.  Our first event is a talk kindly offered by Jon Farmer on installing Ubuntu and walk-through the operating system capabilities  – with discussion and questions. Could members bring along laptop with their Linux on it to demonstrate new potential members what you do with Linux and the differences between Linuxes, please.

Our in-betweenie venue is the Peacock pub in Shrewsbury – Steve has found this to be still good and meetings will take place in months where the College isn’t open (or even additional if people want them – do shout up in the listserv!).  See

Both places are previous haunts of the Linux group – Telford College being the place it all started. This new event is an experiment – we’ll see how it goes and learn each time.

Hope to see you at Telford College on 24th November 2011  7pm onwards with a talk by Jon from 7.30pm. The room is accessible till 9pm and previously  many de-camped over to the Bridge Builder pub for the rest of the evening.

Dates for Telford College meetings

24th November, 26th January 2012, 23rd February, 29th March, 26th April, 31st May, 28th June




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