Piduino- Expansion for the RaspberryPI

4 03 2012

Prototype Arduino clone for the new RaspberryPI is been developed within SLUG. Still at the early stages we are expecting this to be a very popular item within the RaspberryPi comunity allowing users to use existing Software and expansion shields whilst still using the same development IDE.

The project as since been mentioned on Element14, watch this space for further developments.



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20 03 2012


this is a very nice idea!! I already have a arduino uno and I’m waiting for my raspberry pi. How do you want to connect the systems? Will one control the other? Will the arduino IDE run on the raspberry? What are your plans?

Best regards


20 03 2012

Glad you like the idea. Obviously needs work but I’m hoping to get this all up and running as soon as I get my’PI 😉 !!

I don’t see why the Arduino IDE shouldn’t work on the ARM based RaspberryPi as it’s written in Java, it does require some native code to access the device but I’m sure we can compile that up. The only thing at the moment is that there exists no package for the IDE maybe we’ll need to make one!

26 03 2013

This looks really interesting, but I haven’t seen any news about it for about 1 year. Is it still ongoing? What is the current progress?

26 03 2013

Yes the point was that the Piduino made for a very tight solution to the Pi everything holds together well. The problem here is that most people want to play with the device rather than have a semi-permanent solution therefore you can attach via a cable to the GPIO but in my mind at this point you are better off using the USB and having a very generic board which can be used on anything and thus having more flexible power arrangements.
For general purpose stuff I’m just using a Arduino Nano in a breadboard.
I’m sure other folk have come to similar conclusions as I said this to Gert and I see he went from a PIC to an AtMega 328 so in many ways even that is a fattened up Arduino. Keep a look out for my article on an XMOS and also a FPGA based device that colud fit this bill !!

26 03 2013

I look forward to reading it.
The Piduino would have mostly fitted my needs, as I was looking for a cheap single I/O board for a simple robot vehicle that (maybe) could be controlled from Scratch. So maybe an L293D motor driver, plus some IR or Ultrasonic sensors would have been sufficient, with a ATMega328 for the real time aspects. The Gertboard looks great, but rather too big for this application.
Of course, you don’t really need the Pi for this, but I liked the idea of using Scratch to control it so my 6 year old son’s could do it, before subjecting them to a full Arduino environment!

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