March meeting – a busy successful evening about Cloud computing

18 04 2012

The UKITA/BCS took on our evening and provided two excellent speakers from industry. We counted 45 people at the meeting – which included a class of HND Computing students from the College.I t opened at 6.30, arrivals chat and tea/coffee and  7pm  the event began.

The first speaker of the evening was Phil Oakley who presented a clear and simple explanation of summing up the gathering of services current and historical to provide the concept of Cloud computing – clearing out some misconceptions about it being something new.
The second speaker, Victoria DIggines spoke on the security concerns and legal consequences of where Cloud users data might be actually physically located in the world. The local laws can be a surprise and potential heavy financial risks if legal agreements  are not put in place before taking advantage of the ‘Cloud’  When moving data storage and virtual – buyer-beware!

If you don’t pay for something – expect same level of support at worst. Free Cloud computing for example, like Googles docs, storage and apps are fine but based really only on you valuing your data at how much you pay for them.  Many of us store personally owned data and files in our online emailers – fine if you know you’re taking a risk.  If you have a business you need to assume the worst and get advice so as not to put your business at risk.

Photo of Cloud computing Event

Ed Bedell introducing the evenings speakers Phil Oakley and Victoria Diggines. Inset, more images from the evening.

The evening finished with a set of questions which could have gone on well after 9pm the default closing time for the College. People who came along all passed good comments on the event and location – special thanks to Ed Bedell  of UKITA/BCS for the organisation and promotion of the event.

The  requirement of our access to a free room for meetings is to provide an event  that would be of use to students at the College. This certainly was. This event was an example of the voluntary sector (us!) enabling young people to make valuable contacts directly into industry.  Here’s hoping this is the seed of future success. The Colleges head of computing, Ed, is looking for us to repeat this type of event – but about VMware in the next College year (September onwards).

Next month is a return to normal service – but this event certainly was a success.




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21 04 2012
David Phizacklea

Centre screen – Lee Cashmore and Ed Bedell – recognise the back of those heads anywhere!

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