We are having a table at Telford Hamfest on September 2nd – visit us!

28 08 2012

Once again Shropshire Linux Users Group are having couple of tables at the Hamfest in Enginuity buildings in Coalbrookdale.
We’ll be having Linux / Hamradio related demos and also Raspberry Pi, 3D printing or whatever else clever stuff members bring along.
Come along and meet the members – bring your questions and get involved..

Details on the Hamfest are on this link http://www.telfordhamfest.org.uk/

See you on 2 / 9 / 12




2 responses

18 04 2013
Stuart payne

Hi all.
I’m looking for a programme for the raspbury pi to run a dtsar programme.its a ham radio format. Then plug a dvap into the raspbury pi and then with the Internet, I will be able to connect to anyone in the world on dstar.

Thank you for your time.

18 04 2013

I have replied via email Stuart including a few links to go to for more info.

Hope you get it running – if you do – please come along to a meeting and give us a demo. We’re only the other side of Telford.
Regards Dave

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