Telford Hamfest

29 11 2012

Telford Hamfest – Muchly overdue comments.
The Hamfest went well, as usual (because we’ve done this for some years now) very good levels of interest and discussions and problem solving!

The main difference for us from other stall holders is that our measurement of success isn’t monetary income but levels of interest raised and return visitors from the past.

This year We had three sets of demonstrations:

  • 3D printing by Chris – unfortunately Health and safety requirements stopped a full run with sharp pointy tools.
  • the tools. Although this raised plenty of interest from visitors – Chris brought along the wooden mini-monitor case using a 3D printer which is quite novel.
  • Rasberry Pi by John with his strange Blue lights machine  – The Pi raised a lot of interest – I think people are curious of what it is after a lot of publicity  in recent times.
  • Linux Mint with FLDIGI digimodes radio comms and APRS un-connected radio data network demo

These ‘Hamfests’ demonstraten a change in understanding of Linux over the years – I think in the early 2000s we often had the slightly mocking ‘does it work in Windows’ but as years pass the questions come in at all levels, from  ‘having trouble with drivers for my  usb interface module’ for some more obscure distro – through to the ‘I’ve heard of it but the cd I have wont run it, help!’ and some very obscure requests for help. I don;’t remember any that we couldn’t actually give some positive help or post directions to help.

The reality of these days is that we are much more likely to help other Linux User Groups increase members than our own, due to it being an event where most people travel distance to visit  – although some notable exceptions on that (hello DaveM!).

A physically tiring day but left feeling positive that there are more people trying Linux and also using it. Thanks to all those helping on the day. Any photos anyone?




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