Video Editing on Linux OpenShot

27 05 2013

When you think of the applications that you as a linux user would really find useful you generally get the usual few

of Visio/Photoshop/MS Project and a few others you get most of the fuctionality in some linux programs but it isn’t the same.

Video editing is another of  those niches that Linux really doesn’t do very well. Although not another Aftereffects or Premiere I’m really pleased

to see that we now have a truely great simple to use video editor under Linux in the form of Openshot. I think it’s great that

you can now be a Linux advocate and “eat your own dogfood” and actually use Linux software to produce professional looking video.


For title rendering it links in with Blender the opensource rendering software

and also Inkscape to give a fairly well rounded application

An example of a simple project

Screenshot from 2013-05-27 00:48:23

And here’s the Video it produced:vive la Petrol Heads !!!

They are also running a kickstarter to fund further development, thinks are looking up for this software segment

I for one am glad as this area has been in the doldrums for a while now!!…Hurahh!




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