Wuthering Bytes 2013/OSHUG

17 09 2013


This weekend  we had the oppotunity to travel to Wuthering Bytes held at Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.

Wuthering bytes was a two day event Saturday was the talks and Sunday the workshops.

Wuthering Bytes “A Weekend Festival of Technology In the Heat of the Pennines” certainly delivers

15+ talks raging from WordPress to Robot OS(ROS) to the Internet of Things to use of White Spectrum.

Food, tea and coffee are laid on and it’s a simple easy and relaxed time where people get on .

Definately worth a visit if you are around  next year …

Here’s videos of some of the talks:

Building a Maker Business by Paul Beech

The importance of Mini Makers by Amy Mather

WordPress has Grown Up by Mike Little

Risking a Compuserve of things by Adrian McEwen

White Space -conect all the Things by Ben Ward

Intro’ to ROS by Nick Weldin

The @ShrimpingIT Manifesto by Cefn Hoile




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