Event: Maximising your Opportunities with Open Source

20 09 2014

On October 16 – a Thursday night we have a series of talks at an event at Telford College 

Please register on this link:  Maximising your opportunities with Open Source

This is organised by ourselves Shropshire Linux Users Group and British Computing Society (Shropshire) and support of Computing Dept. at Telford College


Have you ever wondered whether you are using Open Source enough? Is it the smart thing to do? Is it relevant to my business or career? Is it just for geeks? Are there risks? Well this is the event to attend full of informed students and experienced business professionals. Expect big discussions seeded by concise talks describing how Open Source is using in different sectors. You will be surprised, and hopefully inspired to go away and use some of these marvellous tools. However there is always two sides to a coin !

An event not to be missed by smart students or business.

With grateful thanks

To Telford College of Arts and Technology for hosting this event.

  1. Agenda
  2. Doors open 6.30 for Coffee etc.
  3. Intro/Safety – Ed Bedell MC (BCS Committee)   and Telford College representative – 5 mins.
  4. Shropshire Linux Group Why you need to partake  – 5 min
  5. BCS, Why you need to join – 5 mins – Hollie Whittles (BCS Shropshire Chair)
  6. Open source, An overview – 15 mins – Adam Sweet (Transitiv Technologies)
  7. Open source for Infrastructure and the Corporate  – 15mins – LinuxIT
  8. Open Source for the Microsoft Startup – 15mins – Ed  Bedell (CreaNova)
  9. Open Source for the Website provider. – 15mins – Hollie Whittles (FraggleWorks)
  10. Q&A  with Adam Sweet, LinuxIT, Ed Bedell, Hollie Whittles

Thanks and End.  Ed Bedell & Telford College

Finish at 9pm.

Should groups of visitors want to further network – there are local pubs nearby:

 See you there!




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