OSCAR The iPad Screen for the Rest of Us!!

26 10 2014

A few months ago on Kickstarter I spotted OSCAR a device which allowed you to put an iPad screen on to a conventional PC with a Displayport adapter.

Rather than some proprietary signalling the iPad panel supports Displayport directly and you could just wire it up to a cable if everything wasn’t just so small also there is a small problem of power and control as well.

This is where the OSCAR board comes in it has connectors for the Displayport 12V input and the iPad flat flex connector as well as basic control buttons. The onboard arduino can be reprogrammed via the micro USB but I think that most will stick with stock functionality.

About a month ago my order from Oscar arrived, it had both the PCB and an iPad panel for £110. I didn’t buy the plastics as I wanted to do that my self.

Any way here’s my unboxing ..Enjoy!

The quality is amazing BTW .




One response

11 10 2015

Just a quick comment from a local in Wellington (Dawsey – I will introduce myself next meeting :), If you dont go for the laser-cut case or want an alternative = Wellington Market has a great stall that does “picture frames” I have in the past brought screens to the stall owner to make a nice frame surround for. In the spirit of hacking you might like this as an alternative.

Being an ex mac repairs shop, I liked your idea on an open display. Happy Hacking.

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