Maximising your Opportunities with Open Source-Report

18 11 2014

Big turnout for Open Source computing event at College


We worked with  British Computing Society and Shropshire Linux Users Group and Telford College for an evening of talks and debates by employers who use Open Source coding to be succeed. It was hosted by Telford College, courtesy of Head of Computing Sue Burke.

4 employers were invited who took turns presenting how they use Open Source and debated with the 60 people who came along, the future and advantages of programming in this way.

Chris Ellis of Transitiv Technologies described that the value of Open Source was to programmers so they  could share ideas and feed back into society methods of programming. These can be used without having to spend time inventing something that has been already done. This was followed by Sam Pearson of LinuxIT who described how it supported freedom and how licensing of original authored work was handled and protected.

 Hollie Whittles of Fraggle Works then described how she ran a company that developed websites based on Open Source systems and enthusiastically described how support is handled, especially that it could be anywhere by anyone in the world – where bugs and problems have a global groups of people working to fix any problems as they surface. The last employer was Ed Bedell of Genovo who described how many of the core systems in the world are Open Source at the centre and how they work with Microsoft programs – His company was able thrive using the best of both worlds.


 Around 25 or more College Higher Education Computing course students came along and took time to sit and listen to the talks and after take part in the debates with employers –  Also some networking and learning what happens in the ‘real world’ of running a company.

 The evening wound down with groups continuing the discussions in corridors and the College car park after the end. John Alexander of our group said “we were extremely pleased with the attendance for the evening, one the employers drove up from Bristol and a lot of valuable networking was done. We hope to work with the College and BCS Shropshire again to help show the value of working together, in an age of fear, uncertainty and doubt”

 The event was very positive and all took something away from it – it shown how the LUG can make things happen event without the aid of money!




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