Raspberry Pi LIPO battery Pack Endurance Test

1 01 2015

It seems to be a regular question “how long will my Raspberry Pi last with battery XYZ?”, obviously the answer is “it depends” but really what kind of answer is that.

To give an indicative answer I decided to try it for my self with a standard Raspberry Pi model B and a 10AH LiPo Battery pack from Seed Studio.

Nothing fancy here just the RPI in near idle state running a clock to allow the time lapse camera to keep track of the elapsed time.

The raspberry Pi was running at around 350ma which I thought was quite low but maybe the latest Rasbian 24/12/14 has some power management foo included, also the network wasn’t in use and this can be a bit of a power hog.

Any way the final result was very nearly 17 Hours which I think is quite impressive …what do you think?




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