July Meet Review -Space Farers Assemble

3 08 2015
Firstly a very warm welcome to Kirsty from Shropgeek for making us all aware of the upcoming Shropgeek Revolution event in Shrewsbury on 25th September 2015.
It sound like a great event, and it was a useful reminder that web development isn’t just about HTML, it also involves networking, load balancing, accessibility, service orientation…
Get your name down, quick!
Mark your diaries, for there was a moment in history on Thursday, 30th July 2015.
Stuart presented a bold idea for SLUG – to go in to space!
Yes, the notion is for Shropshire Linux User Group to use Open Source (as far as possible!) to get some kind of electronic payload up into the air – maybe some kind of automated radio beacon a la Sputnik 1, maybe something than can send some atmospheric telemetry.
The aim is to raise the profile and reach of the group, and hopefully interest more people in what hobbyists can do with a bit of commitment and direction to the energy that they so clearly have.
Comments and volunteers for any role on this, please!



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