October Meeting Review

31 10 2015

Thanks to Lee who is currently replete in frequent talker miles 🙂 for an informative talk on Motion the camera motion analyser software. With Many dozens of options and tuning parameters it can be daunting for beginner and expert alike as  Lee and the group found out in demo when forced to use a random USB camera for the demo. The demo became a live debug with the group chipping in “advice” fortunately  after sometime Lee noticed  he had left the VLC attached to the camera, corrected his school boy error and got Motion all fired up.


Thanks to all those who turned up, we had a good turn out of 15 members, many of which were new recruits, so many that we couldn’t get them all in shot and the room was pretty much full !!


Success viewed in the SLUG ‘Portal’




2 responses

1 11 2015

I wonder what sparked all the new recruits ?

1 11 2015

Hi there, I think we are starting to reap the benefits of the events, meetings and projects been run as well as enthusiastic members bringing in new recruits. No magic just hard work!

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