Eagle Cad- Test Webinar

12 06 2016

eagleWe will be running a webinar on Eagle Cad @ the e-Innovation Centre, Telford 16th June@6pm. The idea is to trial the Webinar format and also give a basic overview on how to run the Eagle package so popular with many makers. Shabaz will be delivering the Webinar remotely via his laptop and we expect the group to follow along using the 55″ Cinematic monitor and hopefully try some of the key points out themselves on their own local copies of Eagle. Spaces are limited so a seat is allocated by request (send an email to the list or contact us directly).  The demo board for the evening should be the PCB for the Shepard Balloon following devices which means we should also have a useful board and some experience of creating our own components by the end of  the evening. Hope to see you there.





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