June end meeting – report

2 07 2017

Dave Harris demoing a radio project based on a pelican case and ham radio kitDave gave a talk about his project to pack a small radio and Pi computer and LCD display into a secondhand Pelican case to make, what the American’s call a Go box – this was still unfinished but functional. The Pi and hdmi computer ran off a cheap phone-charger type psu giving 5v out via usb – the radio ran from a 12v 7a/h  SLAB battery – both powered the set for the evening around 1 to 1.5 hours. The radio sat in a hand-cut (and cut hand!) piece of chair foam with sections cut for the parts – including a vital antenna matching device – for demo’s sake wasn’t yet in place. The case still needs holes drilling for external connections – but hopefully to show the Septemeber Hamfest see www.telfordhamfest.co.uk

Postscript: Despite being a working setup Dave’s since realise that the antenna matching unit doesn’t fit in the case and allow the lid to close without damaging the LCD. Pause for re-think.




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