TDARS does Satellite @Telford 50th Celebration

22 04 2018

GB50TELBeen a busy weekend for the TDARS lot, as many are members of both groups I thought it only fair to put up a quick link to their activities at the Telford Sping in the Park event celebrating Telford’s 50th anniversary year with everything from Dogs to Camels and even a few Geeky Radio Hams!Pictured is Heather’s SDR rig Recieving a transponder from the ISS & Weather information other Satellites.

Deep inside the other tent the group were transmiting to a more terestial crowd using the special event callsign GB50TEL.

Remember the SLUG High Altitude Balloon “SciencePackage” will hopefully been test launched on the side of a balloon on 12-13th May @Telford Balloon & Kite Fiesta…..CU you all  there!




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