First Meeting Exchange a Great Success!

30 09 2018

slThanks to Tim Williams from Birmingham LUG who  came up to give us a talk on Internet Video Technologies last Thursday, we had a total of 18 members come round including those from BLUG.  The talk was well received and many questions both asked and answered, all round the group found it very productive.  Video projection meant it was clear to all members and talking  wasn’t too strenuous with Tim carefully interleaving the talk between food delivery 😉 !! It’s good to note that they were able to make the meeting all via public transport  with out too much hassle so other BLUG members or even those from surrounding LUGs would be able to visit us easily. We hold our main meetings the last Thursday of each month at the Cock Hotel Wellington an award winning pub in which we are fortunate to have a private room.


Do you run a LUG especially in the greater Midlands area then we would like to help you help your selves keeping up momentum. Have a talk then contact us and lets see what we can do!

Finally Looking forward to Heather Lomond giving her talk on our Weather Balloon system at BLUG Tuesday 16th of October. Please be there if you can!





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