BLUG talk Exchange goes down a storm!

16 10 2018

Brum1Thanks again to the guys from BLUG for inviting us to their excellent venue. Some 17 turned up  with 7 or more been new members who had come specifically because of the BLUG ” Reboot”. Heather actually re-imagined this talk from several smaller talks and progress reports given in here at SLUG over the last couple of years and was able to demonstrate the entire package working(Sans GPS Lock) inside the venue with the telemetry been decoded via an RTL dongle been used as a basic SDR. The talk detailed how the location and sensor data were logged and sent out as telemetry both as basic NFM and LoRa and the RPI onboard computer as well as the other Linux components such as the Balloon tracking and recovery systems. All and all I was impressed with the way BLUG has put extra efforts in maintaining and improving their turnout. Lets hope this continues both here and to other regional LUGS  several of which fielded a LUGmaster checking our progress!!! 😉






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