Birmingham LUG visit goes Brilliantly

16 01 2019

brum arduino talk

Thanks to those who came with us yesterday to Birmingham LUG’s January Meeting. Glen gave a talk on introductory Arduino programming showing how the IDE can be used to drive not only the classic Arduino family but also many 32 bit development boards, embedded devices ( check the diminutive but powerful Christmas tree in the picture!!) as well as the ecosystems extensive support of 3rd party sensors and other devices.  A very friendly atmosphere, post meeting talk continues for hours on Subjects as diverse as Ubuntu, Printers and Electric cars all very entertaining indeed!

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in the back of The Bull, a traditional pub supporting a wide range of beers and good food which is handy if you are coming in from out of town or straight from work. If you are in the Birmingham  Area and wish to visit  Birmingham LUG check out the details here.

Those who are interested in Electronic music and how to produce it under Linux  may be glad to know that our own Stuart Adamson will be giving his Music talk here on March 26th



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