Counting Meteors with SDR RTL Dongles 17/08/19

18 08 2019

Shropshire Astronomical Society is a regular visit for us and this time the trip out  to Rodington Village Hall set us up for a particularly well attended event with  Heather doing a presentation on Meteor counting and tracking using a PC and RTL Dongle as a SDR Receiver


Space debris of all types hit the atmosphere 24/365 and cause the air to ionise which in turn reflects radio waves back  to the observer, if this signal is not normally receivable  then  you can count the meteors by counting the signal pulses. In this case the source of strong radio waves was the GRAVES transmiter in France  during the demo the signal was received several times a minute with the back end of the Perseid shower making up the bulk of the objects observed. Heather will be making the talk available to download and we’ll be linking to this when available so if you are interested in trying this for yourself click here when available!



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