November End of Month 26/11/20 IOT & Postgress DB FU

20 11 2020

Chris is giving us a talk on IOT devices and Postgress. Got devices and want to monitor them and hopefully store the results then this IS for you. What are the considerations for that million node IOT network why do some fail and others succeed come visit us on Zoom 26/11/20@ 19:30GMT to learn the FU! Zoom details to follow!

IOT & PostgreSQL DB

Thursday, Nov 26, 2020, 2:15 PM

Online event

2 Luggers Attending

For those self isolating for Thanksgiving Day: Internet of Things is a currently a burgeoning market, and is often associated with specialized data-stores. However PostgreSQL is just as capable at this use-case and can offer some compelling advantages. We’ll explore ways to store IoT data in PostgreSQL covering various ways to store and structure t…

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