Next Meeting 28th June at Telford College

26 06 2012

We have Martin Farrow of Versacloud along this month who will be interviewed about his many years of working with industry level Linux provision at a level many people dream of doing but never will. It will be an interview and questions session.

Also bring along comments about putting together a demo of Linux, robots and Arduinos for the Telford Hamfest in September.

Download the poster


Ubuntu LTS 12.04 at 12.04 BST No Service on the website..

28 04 2012

So for those waiting for the latest LTS release – seems there must have been overwhelming amount of you trying to get it at 12:04 locking up the website.

I downloaded it late last night and am trying it on a spare old Acer 1642z laptop – I’m still not sure about Unity. I may comment later when its finished a long install which (if you want) can download/install updates and let you use the computer while it installs, its over an hour now.

I’ve had a friend tell me the install is flakey in the 64bit version – so I’ll leave that alone for a while.

Anyone else want to comment on the new Ubuntu LTS?

April Meeting review – another successful evening

28 04 2012

Thanks very much to David Philzacklea for the talk and answering questions on how Linux / open source is used to keep his company  Jumbo IT Service Ltd of Newport going. The company process data for many organisations – both public and private – for whom all the term ‘mission critical’ is very real. Much of the work was done by our own Lee Cashmore.

David gave an interesting talk / presentation to show how systems and data that are so important to the company (and other companies / organisations) is made available to process and kept secure. He described how effective yet economic hardware is used through investment in programming open source OS’s and applications. The core of value is extracting what Open Source can enable and making best use of it – not just trusting what other global organisations tell you that you need and having to trust them with it.

Working on databases or monitoring them is their job – they have solid back up, restore and disaster planning which could enable them to walk away from any of their workplaces should the worst occure – and be continuining operations either from home or mobile locations within promises made in SLAs. Having such important data and its value, really focussed their activity on making sure that nothing is broken or lost . He also described their use of VM machines for efficiency and as part of protecting from disasters.

David talked about how hardware continues to operate (but with planned replacement if need be – without effectiving the organisation. It was a refreshing thing to hear how a successful company is not romanced into handing over substatial control and funds to corporates who operate on FUD.

Thanks David – he offered to do a follow up talk – we’ll be scheduling one in late in the year.. Search “Jumbo IT Services Newport”  for more information on them.

All in I think we had 15 attendance – continuing the good numbers we are getting now we have regular talks and demonstrations.

Look forward to next months meeting at Telford College – but after that till September we’ll need a Summer Datcha to relocate to. Dave H


Shropshire LUG goes Telford Hackaday

6 02 2010

From our reporter on the spot, John Alexander, along with other SLUG members took part in the first Telford Hackaday.

Strike While The “Soldering” Iron is hot they say.

An entourage of 8 members arrived with machines and various half projects and being organised at short notice we were intending this to be more of a “show and tell” rather than full workshop.

John A actually demonstrated the equipment required to deliver true 1080p from ANY capable PC to any Full HD TV using a VGA-HDMI converter allowing us to watch rather too many simultaneous  episodes of HAK5

John Darley, showed off his handy work with a part built  “Cup Cake CNC” From Makerbot Industries
An excellent piece of kit which actually extrudes molten plastic onto a table to create 3D objects including rather cleverly,  parts for further Makerbots.

Fortunately we do not need to fear Robot domination as of yet since John as yet to finish the extruder head and commence the building his New Model Army!

Here’s an example of what Robots eat! 😀

Others spent time fiddling with a mobile satellite dish attempting to get a DVB-S PCI card to fire up (better luck next time Jim!!)

Chris Cutler and son Rob were busy assembling a WIFI listening device.

Nothing worse than an emergency with your Plumbing Mr Darley to the rescue.
I’m sure this wasn’t what he expected from the term Water sports!

Well earned Cup of Coffee!

Later John A (Always one for his toys) demonstrated the USB powered MIMO 7″ LCD monitor he got from Scan Computers and how  to get it working under Linux using libDLO.

Jim been rather “camera shy” after the Satellite debarcle

John D in a “knot” with Fedora 10

Over all a great time was had. Thanks again to all those who turned up at such short notice especially the new guys who didn’t know what to expect from the SLUGs!!

Both the main SLUG meetings and the Hackdays rely on you to make them successful. Interested leave a comment  or turn up to our regular SLUG meetings last Tuesday of the month at the Station Inn Horsehay

2010 January meeting report.

27 01 2010

A surprisingly healthy turnout for the January SLUG meeting despite the cold.

Half the members consuming an equally healthy Steak Dinner and Pud.
(Remember to bring an empty stomach with you to meetings as Tuesday is steak night with free pud …Excellent value !)

Many Demos and much talking :

VGA and HDMI converters and Upscalers showing how to get a full 1080p on your TV from ANY computer Linux/Windows or MAC. Ideal for media presentations or conferences.

Sumvision Media player (Cyclone MKV) and how to get to the Busybox prompt and access the embedded Linux system

Digimode Radio again 😉 Thanks Dave for a good chat

Various small Linux machines (Acer/Asus Beasts) and iPhones in Evidence

Talking Points
Telford Hackerspace feasibility
Visit to Birmingham Hackerspace

I see the Brummie LUG want to go there or at least have a talk about it :

WSPR (more Radio Stuff :D)

Plus many other bits including a big Hi to the “Newbury Massive” Lee C,John A !!

Remember that SLUG relies on your participation. If you are reading this and don’t remember it then you weren’t there and missed out, get your self down to the Station Inn on the Last Tuesday of every month (including the cold ones!!).

23rd of Feb 19:30 onwards …Come earlier and get your Cow Dinner ordered!
Location: Station Inn

Topic (provisional)

John Alexander depending on commitments will be discussing his trip to the
FOSDEM conference in Brussels


12 10 2008

As you will have noticed, the site has been updated. There is now an RSS feed of Linux based news from elsewhere in the community. Other pages are now being populated. Its hoped that we will be able to keep the site updated with blog-style news and info several times a week.

Check back frequently for the latest changes.

23 09 2008

Welcome to the Shropshire Linux User Group website. Possibly a temporary measure while we migrate servers but we hope you enjoy the new semi-blog style layout.