June end meeting – report

2 07 2017

Dave Harris demoing a radio project based on a pelican case and ham radio kitDave gave a talk about his project to pack a small radio and Pi computer and LCD display into a secondhand Pelican case to make, what the American’s call a Go box – this was still unfinished but functional. The Pi and hdmi computer ran off a cheap phone-charger type psu giving 5v out via usb – the radio ran from a 12v 7a/h  SLAB battery – both powered the set for the evening around 1 to 1.5 hours. The radio sat in a hand-cut (and cut hand!) piece of chair foam with sections cut for the parts – including a vital antenna matching device – for demo’s sake wasn’t yet in place. The case still needs holes drilling for external connections – but hopefully to show the Septemeber Hamfest see www.telfordhamfest.co.uk

Postscript: Despite being a working setup Dave’s since realise that the antenna matching unit doesn’t fit in the case and allow the lid to close without damaging the LCD. Pause for re-think.


September 1st 2013 – LUG table at the Hamfest event

30 07 2013

We carry the message about Linux and Open Source to the public again this September

The group has a table to show Linux, open source software and hardware to radio amateurs and others attending the Telford Hamfest organised by Telford and District Amateur Radio Society.

Members come along and support us and anyone interesed come along and say hi.

We hope to have radio related setup (based on HamOS Linux distro) connected to a radio to transmit and receive contacts, also a Reprap owned by Chris G and also decoding systems to show weather satellite imagery and possibly some Raspberry Pi things.

More informaiton soon – but have a look at;

AFU Knoppix V6 Released

31 05 2009

I’m pleased to see the AFU Knoppix has been released – initially with a broken kernal in the EN version, which wouldn’t boot.  As promised they fixed it and its a neat distro for radio hams with plenty of software pre-installed, which saves time and cursing (when you get stuck in a library loop – wont work – no lib – cant install lib wrong ver.  previous one doesnt work,  previous ver wont work with newer other libs….. etc) .

It’s a live distro as per Knoppix and look on the German only page (Google translate is useful here) at http://www.afu-knoppix.de/

Look at the bottom of the 14/5/9 posting for a link to the EN ver.  I’ve got it and enjoyed using it – not a fan of KDE though, AFU is sorted mostly – though some multi-language applicaitons appear – worth a try.

Dave H G0CER

Meeting report February 2009

1 03 2009

A practical evening – albeit low on attendance. Dave H (moi, the author of this)  brought along his ham radio kit and  Acer Aspire One running Ubuntu UNR – and demonstrated it running a few different applications (QSSTV, GMFSK, FLDIGI and MixW running in wine) – the radio had a simple aerial but still managed to receive ham radio stations from all over Europeon 7MHz – not surprising at 8pm but with al all the electrical noise about it was a bit of surprise.  I was unable to transmit back due to the awfulness of the aerial (high SWR) , but it was demo only.

Dave operating the Acer Ubuntu netbook with his FT817 radio at lug meeting

Dave operating the Acer Ubuntu netbook with his FT817 radio at lug meeting

John A brought along a selection of access points that can be hacked for various uses and are cheap to buy.  He also had his laptop with some videos of vblogs listed below – YMMV but worth a nose through them.



Telford Hamfest

23 09 2008

As in previous years SLUG will have a table at the Telford Hamfest – http://www.telfordhamfest.org.uk/

Come along and have a chat 🙂