July Mid Month 13/07/17

9 07 2017


Mid month hits us again,  Meeting will be at the Arleston Inn at 7pm as usual.

News …baloon electronics are finished, so is the software assuming no complications so we may have initial test results from Heather on the farm come the meeting

Heather has also kindly volunteered to do a talk on her experiences as an SQL /PHP neophite so there will be a topic for the meet although summer lazy rules are still in effect ;-). See you there !

June End Of Month Meeting 29/06/17

25 06 2017

DSC_0534June Meeting  will be as usual at the Cock Hotel Wellington Thursday 29/06/17 @7pm. Dave Harris will be demonstrating his Raspberry Pi powered back pack powered radio. It’s now moved on to start it’s life in a Pelican case find out how the project is maturing and how you may be able to help! Dave will also be talking about the Telford (TDARS) radio rally (3rd September)held each year at the Enginuity Museum. We run a stand there each year demonstrating Linux and Linux Projects in all their forms in particular those relating to radio. Come down for what should be an interesting meeting…See you there!


June Mid Month 08/06/17

4 06 2017

960px-ProjectOrionConfigurationJune Mid month is on Thursday 08/06/17 @ Arleston Inn start time 7pm as usual.  Projects all types Linux but not exclusively. Bring the toys, sort stuff out. Food and Drink available as usual. Talks will return as they bubble up !!

See you there!

May End Of Month 25/05/17

21 05 2017

imagesAs usual the end of May meeting will be at the Cock Hotel Wellington (Thursday 25/05/17@7.00pm).No Speaker this month so we are having a slight change of pace with a Project review meeting which proved to be very popular last time. Bring that current project or having problems then this may be the opotunity to ask for that all important help.  See you there!


May Mid month 11th May

8 05 2017

dbHeather will again be presenting, this time how to reduce your risk of data loss or worse yet malicious corruption using RSnapshot an application based on the RSYNC family of tools, all running on an Orange Pi ! Learn how to protect yourself by implementing a proper backup stratergy. Meeting will be as usual at the Arleston Inn 11th May @7pm . Bring your projects as there will also be a project review. See you there!

April End of month 27/04/17

23 04 2017

BeaglebonePhil, has kindly volunteered to talk about the technology required to make Linux work on the ARM platform. He will be discussing the boot process, partition layouts , dev trees and all  that good stuff. If that wasn’t enough he’ll be doing a practical on how to drive GPIO. As usual the meeting will be at the Cock Hotel Wellington starting at 7pm ..See you there

April Mid Month 13th April

11 04 2017

spi-imageApril mid month is as usual at the Arleston Inn on the 13th starting at 7pm. Heather as offered to continue her series of talks we now move on to Comunicating with the RPI… in this case with a set of LoRa modules we have designed for the balloon launch but with many other uses including Alarms and other telemetry.  Again if you think  this isnt your sceen come down anyway as t her’s the usual chat and good grub available from the pub