BLUG talk Exchange goes down a storm!

16 10 2018

Brum1Thanks again to the guys from BLUG for inviting us to their excellent venue. Some 17 turned up  with 7 or more been new members who had come specifically because of the BLUG ” Reboot”. Heather actually re-imagined this talk from several smaller talks and progress reports given in here at SLUG over the last couple of years and was able to demonstrate the entire package working(Sans GPS Lock) inside the venue with the telemetry been decoded via an RTL dongle been used as a basic SDR. The talk detailed how the location and sensor data were logged and sent out as telemetry both as basic NFM and LoRa and the RPI onboard computer as well as the other Linux components such as the Balloon tracking and recovery systems. All and all I was impressed with the way BLUG has put extra efforts in maintaining and improving their turnout. Lets hope this continues both here and to other regional LUGS  several of which fielded a LUGmaster checking our progress!!! 😉




Talk Exchange at BLUG Tuesday 16th Oct

1 10 2018

talklogo Heather will be reprising her Weather Balloon technology talk at Birmingham LUG on the 16th of October. Want to learn about interfacing sensors Cameras and Radio Telemetry to Linux and the RPI in particular then this talk is for you! We are hoping this will be only the start of many a talk exchanged between LUGs keeping the interest up and driving new interest in LUG events…. See you there!

October Midmonth Thursday 11th

1 10 2018

17 As usual the October Midmonth meeting will be held at the Arleston Inn starting at 7pm. This is the social & project  meet up of the month no doubt we’ll be focusing on the current raft of projects and the talks both at the Cock Hotel and now Brum Lug. Good food and banter as usual ..Hope to see you there!

First Meeting Exchange a Great Success!

30 09 2018

slThanks to Tim Williams from Birmingham LUG who  came up to give us a talk on Internet Video Technologies last Thursday, we had a total of 18 members come round including those from BLUG.  The talk was well received and many questions both asked and answered, all round the group found it very productive.  Video projection meant it was clear to all members and talking  wasn’t too strenuous with Tim carefully interleaving the talk between food delivery 😉 !! It’s good to note that they were able to make the meeting all via public transport  with out too much hassle so other BLUG members or even those from surrounding LUGs would be able to visit us easily. We hold our main meetings the last Thursday of each month at the Cock Hotel Wellington an award winning pub in which we are fortunate to have a private room.


Do you run a LUG especially in the greater Midlands area then we would like to help you help your selves keeping up momentum. Have a talk then contact us and lets see what we can do!

Finally Looking forward to Heather Lomond giving her talk on our Weather Balloon system at BLUG Tuesday 16th of October. Please be there if you can!


September End of Month Meeting 27/09/18

20 09 2018

logoTim Williams from Birmingham Lug has kindly come around to give us a talk on Internet Video how  it works and why it works the way it does with topics such as:- Container formats, Codecs, H264/AVC video encoding, AAC Audio and others including software tools for video. All to gether it will be a very interesting talk indead.
Location will be the Cock Hotel Wellington and time will be 7pm as per usual. If you are new to the club and would liketo come down then you are by all means welcome this should be quite a good introduction WLUG /BLUG and any other LUG members are also welcome…. See you there

September Mid month Thursday 13/09/18

8 09 2018

17Well guys the Rally is over and by the looks so is the Summer 😉 however the SLUG massif is still here and meeting at our usual midmonth haunt the Arleston Inn Wellington. Expect the inevitable  midmonth banter and problem solving. With so many projects and events we should expect some good interesting creative points. See you there…

August End of Month Meeting 30/08/18

19 08 2018

Arnie-AndroidRapidly heading towards the end of August and thus the end of Summer propper. Holiday period is still underway so we are discussing the TDARS radio rally our stand  and the Linux Demonstrations on it. Bring your projects for a group clinic and problem solve. Remember Tim Wiliams from BLUG will be coming to visit us in September and deliver his talk on Video codecs and internet Video delivery…. all good stuff!