SLUG joins O’Reilly Partner Program

20 02 2019

orm_partner_meerkats_125x125 I’m pleased to announce that Shropshire LUG has recently joined the O’Reilly partner program. Expect more information from this supporter of Open Source as well as Reviews, Discounts and Conferences not too mention more  cute animal logos.

If you are interested please contact us or O’Reilly directly


February End of Month (28/02/19) SDR Howto with GNU Radio Companion under Linux

19 02 2019

hqdefault Many of you have already got  the famous RTL dongle and a few even have ventured froward with more advanced SDRs  some with transmit ability. Heather will take you through how to get these going with GNU Radio a flexible platform for radio experimentation  on Linux  and other OS’s What are they for what do y ou want to get them to do? Find out the capabilities of your device here.

As usual the event is at the Cock Hotel Wellington, Thursday 28th starting around 7pm.

Own one or maybe several  then bring them along and see if you can get it going on the day or even learn some GRC design FOO. Lets see you there….

February Midmonth 14/02/19

8 02 2019

bull-horn-300x300February’s Mid-month event is almost upon us (14/02/19 Thursday) at the usual location of Arleston Inn. Usual discussion and project focus  at this meeting. No doubt we shall be talking about all  the interesting “cool” stuff from  FOSDEM, PHP Shropshire and current status of personal and club projects. see  you  there !!

Premier PHP Shropshire Meet Proves a Metamorphosing experience with Kafka

8 02 2019


Thanks again to Lee for bringing this meetup to our attention. Held in EntaNet’s new location in Central Pk, Telford it was well attended with some 24 attendees. The main subject for the evening was how to facilitate “Agile” and “Flexible” development via an event driven architecture using Kafka &PHP . Kafka provides a publish & subscribe messaging platform allowing for applications to be broken down into core functionality communicating cross the Kafka message bus rather than a complex monolithic whole.

This is the first PHP Shropshire meeting and they are continuing to meet moving forward hopefully first Tuesday of a month

January Talk does Linux Networking Deep Dive

8 02 2019


Thanks again to Lee, stepping up again to give us a talk on Linux command line and in depth Networking howto. It was very interesting to see how the technology works not just as a poorly described magic trick that many are left with. Proper knowledge once mastered gives much more clarity on how systems work and what and where to look when they fail. Thanks Lee, hope to see more soon…

“Christmas” dinner goes down well!!

28 01 2019


Thanks to all those who made it to  the late but rather good Christmas Dinner held at the Taj Mahal Wellington. Excellent food as the empty plates attest and great conversation as you can see still carrying on  in the back ;-).  It went down so well  that similar events will probably be held more often .. Yum Yum!

Birmingham LUG visit goes Brilliantly

16 01 2019

brum arduino talk

Thanks to those who came with us yesterday to Birmingham LUG’s January Meeting. Glen gave a talk on introductory Arduino programming showing how the IDE can be used to drive not only the classic Arduino family but also many 32 bit development boards, embedded devices ( check the diminutive but powerful Christmas tree in the picture!!) as well as the ecosystems extensive support of 3rd party sensors and other devices.  A very friendly atmosphere, post meeting talk continues for hours on Subjects as diverse as Ubuntu, Printers and Electric cars all very entertaining indeed!

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in the back of The Bull, a traditional pub supporting a wide range of beers and good food which is handy if you are coming in from out of town or straight from work. If you are in the Birmingham  Area and wish to visit  Birmingham LUG check out the details here.

Those who are interested in Electronic music and how to produce it under Linux  may be glad to know that our own Stuart Adamson will be giving his Music talk here on March 26th