August Mid Month 09/08/19

18 08 2019

bull-horn-300x300Nice to see folk coming to the Arleston Inn event even  though we are in the middle of Holiday Season. Productive and fun as usual.Looking forward to the September events and the start of the Autumn.Winter season!


July End Of Month Meeting 25/07/19

22 07 2019

images.duckduckgo.comFuture’s so bright I gotta wear shades!! We’ve had a lot of successful projects come together over the last few months. The group Balloon project has finally got a full set of launch data and photography. Data analysis is underway  and a further launch is very soon. Personal projects such as Roger’s Home Auto project are at a very interesting stage.  We have a stand at the TDARS Rally on the 1st of September and we willbe looking to display our wares and also gather some new members(Help here will be appriciated BTW). We shalll be discussing all these and many others so I will be happy to see you Thursday 25th at 7pm Cock Hotel as usual….

July Mid month Meeting11/07/19

11 07 2019

bull-horn-300x300Once again time for the mid month meeting held as usual at the Arleston Inn (7pm start). Usual project focus to this meeting as well as a social chat! Plenty has been going on this month so expect reports from the BATC meeting, Our telemetry and Satelite weather demo at the Astronomy Event   and  the SLUG balloon launch  from Church Stretton to Richmond  London!!



June End Of Month 27/06/19

23 06 2019

Why cant you just fly a balloon, what is a NOTAM and what happens if your flight is heading for a military base or the Ocean? Find out at our next meeting not only that but more Linuxy how to link your programs with FIFOs and how this can make the impossible work. All interesting stuff see you there!!

June Mid Month 13/06/19

10 06 2019

wrekinbeacon Mid month meeting is as usual at the Arleston Inn, 7pm start. General project and other talk. Weather depending the first launch window is weekend 22nd-23rd so probably this is the last opportunity for folks to get their tracking kit sorted… see you all there!

May End of Month 30/05/19

10 06 2019

opensourceneedsyouThanks to all those who came and discussed their projects and the general state of the nation 😉 ! We all had a great time and a shed load of Pork Pies etc. Come to the main meeting to fill both brain and belly ..CU all at the nest one!

May Mid Month 09/05/19

5 05 2019


Mid month is upon us again already, lots going on behind the scenes with the Hot air Balloon festival in town park I believe the HAB telemetry device is going with one of the balloons so we can receive more data and prove the systems further. Bring your kit if you want to do a test run in the Pub 😉 ! Parts for the BASIC Engine computer are now here so you can now build one your self and have a a lot of fun programming this rather nice device.. Usual other project news including home auto and AI projects.

As usual the meeting is at the Arleston Inn 7pm start!

We need more ideas for end of month talks so bring your selves brimed with good ideas if you can … See you there !!