April Mid Month 13th April

11 04 2017

spi-imageApril mid month is as usual at the Arleston Inn on the 13th starting at 7pm. Heather as offered to continue her series of talks we now move on to Comunicating with the RPI… in this case with a set of LoRa modules we have designed for the balloon launch but with many other uses including Alarms and other telemetry.  Again if you think  this isnt your sceen come down anyway as t her’s the usual chat and good grub available from the pub

WordPress editing – at Priorslee

22 03 2017

Members from SLUG and Telford & District Amateur Radio Society (TDARS) came together to have an introduction to WordPress page and post editing by Dave Harris. The purpose is to enable personal projects to be noted easily for others to see and comment on.

This took place courtesy of John A who has a unit at the centre.

Photo of TDARS & SLUG members at Priorslee Techology hub

TDARS & SLUG members at the e-Innovation Centre Priorslee

March end of Month 30/03/17

24 02 2017

visMarch meeting is at the Cock Hotel Wellington 7pm on Thursday 30th March, Ian Crane will be talking about his experiences with MS Visual Code on Linux and how it stacks up against his usual fair under Linux. We should also have an update on how things are progressing with the Sheperd and other Ballon launch hardware.

March Mid Month 9th March

24 02 2017

spi-imageMarch mid month as usual is at the Arleston Inn on the 9th  starting at 7pm. Heather will be discussing SPI. Not heard of it then you will when you want to get peripherals working on your RPI / Arduino or even standard PC much faster than I2C it’s how fast peripherals comunicate to your system . Not your scene dont wory there’s the usual Linux talking shop as well. See you there


Feb’17 Hackerthon Tin to Software

14 02 2017

17Feb Hackathon was again a great success, as a group we are running these on a near monthly basis. The purpose of which is to get together with a specific focus of completing components for both personal and club projects. Key to this is the Sheperd Board designed primarily as a way of contacting a remote balloon with robust two way LoRa comunications and a WIFI downlink it also was designed with earth bound projects in mind be that home automation, robotics or even remote telemetry!


We have now completed several of these boards meaning we have several with each developer so that basic comunications software can be developed at home free of another developer.

Expect things to move more quickly now and also become more diverse with this flexible device in the wild!

Feb End of Month-Home Automation

31 01 2017

homeauto Feb 23rd @the Cock Hotel Wellington 7pm Roger has kindly Volunteered to go through the technologies used in his home automation project  as well as their implementation problems, solutions and unintended benefits.  Get your self a nice comfy seat as well as the usual fair of Pie, Chips +tipple and join us and Roger in a journey down the rabbit hole of home automation!

Feb Mid-Month more Extreme Time!

31 01 2017

industrial-wall-clocksFeb’ mid month is  a continuation of last month’s very successful “Extreme Time” theme again as always at the Arleston Inn 09/02/17 @7pm. Everyone welcome. Find out how accurate timekeeping is the basis  of modern computing and the Internet.