Feb Mid-Month more Extreme Time!

31 01 2017

industrial-wall-clocksFeb’ mid month is  a continuation of last month’s very successful “Extreme Time” theme again as always at the Arleston Inn 09/02/17 @7pm. Everyone welcome. Find out how accurate timekeeping is the basis  of modern computing and the Internet.

Jan End of Month-Linux vs BSD !

6 01 2017

tux_vs_daemon Jan 26th @the Cock Hotel Wellington 7pm Stuart Always the mal-content  will enter the ring and deliver the BSD vs Linux smack down. Not since the days of Saturday Afternoon Wrestling has such a bout taken place. Get your self a ring side seat beer and grub and let the melee begin!

Jan Mid-Month NTP Extreme Time

6 01 2017

industrial-wall-clocksJanuary’s Mid Month meeting is on the 12th Jan @ The Arleston Inn starting at the usual time of 7pm. Heather will be talking on all matters time related including NTP, the concequencies of Leap seconds and how long it takes to eat the dinner at the inn 😉 . How does the apparently simple subject of time effect you and your computer, come down and learn how to do Extreme Time keeping(tm)

Mini-Hackathon goes down a treat!

6 01 2017

17Our latest mini-hackathon event went down well over the Christmas break thanks to all those who came and worked towards completing their projects. Most were biased towards forms of telemetry both for the balloon launch project but also home automation and radio astronomy. It was a fun day and much progress was made, I for one will be happy to run another event in the near future!


XMAS do a total success.Yum Yum

11 12 2016


Well it’s near the end of the year and the Xmas do is near mandatory. Nice to report no fighting or drunken brawls only good Beer at the Cock Hotel and Curry at the Taj Mahal which every one enjoyed very much ..even Roger for what is his first ever Curry do!!! Thanks to everyone for coming hope to see you all and many more at next year’s events.

December Mid Month 8th Dec

27 11 2016

penguin-160647_1280Last meeting before Christmas is the December Midmonth  meeting on Thursday the 8th of December @ the Arleston Inn at 7pm as usual. Free format probably RPI releated and the usual good food on offer. Hope to see you there…Maybe with “Lucky”(the first rocket powered PI) or his remains 😉


RPI B now beats with the heart of the RPI3!

21 11 2016

rpi-b1-2Almost unnoticed the latest incarnation of the RPI B has arrived. The RPI2 Model B v1.2 now uses the same SOC as the RPI3 the BCM2837 but does not have the WIFI and BT which can be problematic with those requiring the UART. Other differences are that it is clocked at 900MHZ rather than 1.2GHZ.

Available for purchase here