Mid Month Abounded

15 03 2019

talklogo The Mid month meeting was very productive indeed! We are going to have another panned rerun of last years hot air balloon launch at this year’s Telford Balloon Fiesta followed by a proper launch the weekend of the 1st of June.  Several more have volunteered to help track the balloon after launch and to this aim we are going to make the equipment available at all meetings between now an then in order for those concerned to test their receiver setups.


We need more questions and ideas for the end of Month PHP talk , remember more input the more beneficial the talk. On a similar note please put onthe list any Linux questions you would like answered by a further talk by Lee latter on in the year!!!!!

penguin stone


Mid Month March 14th , Projects will abound

11 03 2019

960px-ProjectOrionConfigurationIt’s mid -March and the weather is improving, April will hopefully be balloon weather and this is the meeting where we arrange the final purchase of the 2nd balloon and the Hydrogen lift gas. The payload is a raspberry pi packed full of sensors, a camera and telemetry to give location and basic sensor values, more detailed images are stored on the package to be examined after splashdown. We will be looking for additional volunteers to track the balloon come late April. Bring your other projects so we can talk about them and maybe even help in moving them on. As usual the meeting is 7pm at the Arleston Inn Wellington. See you there!

February SDR Meet Gives Go Signal!

1 03 2019


Thanks to Heather for giving us an excellent introduction on  SDR technology including GNU Radio. Listening to a world of RF data and other signals with nothing more than a £7 TV dongle and a Graphical Programming  system called GNU Radio Companion. Lots of interaction form the usual crew  who were amazed at just what can be done. Everyone went away with plenty of ideas of what this technology can do for their own projects.

O yeah thanks to Mike Bywater for coming round to tell us about PHP Shropshire and their meetings!


Linux Servers Stranded on ISS

27 02 2019

isserverThe highly resilient computers were sent up some 530 days ago and are still working. Their mission was to test the reliability of conventional server technology in space something that will become more important on longer space voyages where access to earth bound compute resources will be difficult or even impossible. These servers are based on conventional technology but have a custom cooling solution consisting of a air tight enclosure and a radiator connected to the ISS’s cooling system. Originally they had a return ticket to fly back on the failed Russian Soyuzin Oct’18 but are now HPE are hoping for June’19 more here!

SLUG joins O’Reilly Partner Program

20 02 2019

orm_partner_meerkats_125x125 I’m pleased to announce that Shropshire LUG has recently joined the O’Reilly partner program. Expect more information from this supporter of Open Source as well as Reviews, Discounts and Conferences not too mention more  cute animal logos.

If you are interested please contact us or O’Reilly directly

February End of Month (28/02/19) SDR Howto with GNU Radio Companion under Linux

19 02 2019

hqdefault Many of you have already got  the famous RTL dongle and a few even have ventured froward with more advanced SDRs  some with transmit ability. Heather will take you through how to get these going with GNU Radio a flexible platform for radio experimentation  on Linux  and other OS’s What are they for what do y ou want to get them to do? Find out the capabilities of your device here.

As usual the event is at the Cock Hotel Wellington, Thursday 28th starting around 7pm.

Own one or maybe several  then bring them along and see if you can get it going on the day or even learn some GRC design FOO. Lets see you there….

February Midmonth 14/02/19

8 02 2019

bull-horn-300x300February’s Mid-month event is almost upon us (14/02/19 Thursday) at the usual location of Arleston Inn. Usual discussion and project focus  at this meeting. No doubt we shall be talking about all  the interesting “cool” stuff from  FOSDEM, PHP Shropshire and current status of personal and club projects. see  you  there !!