February End of Month 27/02/20

25 02 2020

TuxAgain the end of month Meetup is with us this Thursday  starting @ 7pm at the usual venue The Cock Hotel Wellington. This month we will be having a run through of FOSDEM the  hows and wherefores and the new projects we saw been demoed through  out the show. Projects show and tell are always popular so we hope that you the members will bring something along that you are currently working on or may require help with. Hope to see you there …..

February Mid Month Meeting 13/02/20

11 02 2020

bull-horn-300x300Not quite Valentines so no excuses and fortunately no massacres either!! 😉

As usual the meeting starts on This Thursday 7pm at The Arleston Inn, With it’s Project and Social focus. Bring your projects, ideas, problems to get solved over a good chat as well as beer and Grub to your choice. I’m always amazed at how much gets done at these meetups keep it up bring more toys.. See you all there”

January End of Month 30/01/20

26 01 2020

TuxBusy month with FOSDEM starting the end of the week we have 3/4 members going by various methods (plane/train and Sofa) which is easiest, which would suit you best. Richard Wilkinson as kindly offered to give us a talk at short notice on his journey from the predominantly windows programing world to that of Linux and the Raspberry PI, along with some of his projects. In addition we will be doing our regular project roundup from attendees …What have you been doing shout up tell the rest of the group …. see you there on Thursday at the usual place (Cock Hotel Wellington) and usual time (7pm)!

Cloud Native + Kubernetes Manchester

18 01 2020

cnmanI was fortunate to have the time to attend the January event of this regular meetup based on Kubernetes and its “ecosphere” I was amazed to see how much goes on much like show with in the DevOps arena dozens of opensource projects supporting aspects of day to day Kubernetes useage. January’s meetup talks were on The Federation of disparate Kubernetes clusters and Authentication proxies. The event held in central Manchester was attended by over 130 people, refreshments were provided to finish off a great event . Interested ?… take a look at Feb’s Meetup!!

January Midmonth Meeting 09/01/20

6 01 2020

bull-horn-300x300First meeting of the year and we are already busy, several are going to FOSDEM in Brussels at the end of the month. We have a new payload and a 3rd launch of the Balloon HW and a trip  to Staffordshire Lug. As usual a social with Individuals’ project bias, have a project want help bring it along. 7pm start at the Arleston Inn as usual food and chin wag… see you there!

Christmas Party Curries Favour !

6 01 2020

XmasPartyThanks for all those who made it to our annual Christmas Party. Once again it was held at theTaj Mahal Wellington which same as last year offered us an excellent meal with friendly service. The dozen of us who managed to get to the do had an equally excellent time both in terms of the food and the educated banter. I hope that we shall have the same or even better next(this) year!

Discounted Machine Vision/Deep Learning books and courses

2 12 2019

practical_python_and_opencv_cover_green_4th_edIf you found the ideas of Deep Learning and Machine vision interesting you may want to try out this link with discounts on various books and courses. They are very informative and I personally have found them to be an effective way to learn these new technologies.

December Midmonth 12/12/19

1 12 2019

talklogo T’was a cold December evenin’ Heather did pontificate Quantum computing! Usual focus on projects etc Heather fresh from her review of the Quantum Computing book from O’Reilly will tell us the key points on how to get your Quantum Computer working whilst we tuck in to Dinner 😉  !

Usual time of 7pm @The Arleston  Inn, Thursday 12/12/19… Out side of the Christmas do this is the last meeting of the year so see you there¬


Practical Python & OpenCV

26 11 2019

practical_python_and_opencv_cover_green_4th_edI’ve been working through the projects and examples associated with this book and I’ve found it very useful giving you a very practical framework to the subject as well as  email support to keep you on with even more practical problems to solve and uprate your skills. Anyway it looks like there is an offer on at the moment and I’m sure you’ll find it both an interesting read and a learning experience!Click here to take a look yourself

Midlands RT and ATV event Dec14/15

20 11 2019



     FYI. Please find below details about the Midlands RT and ATV event
for 2019. For those who are new to this it is a small (ish) friendly
group of radio enthusiasts all getting together to
discuss/make/test/learn/assist all things radio, microwave and ATV.

    The Event is on the weekend of 14th/15th December 2019 at Eaton
Manor, Shropshire. https://www.eatonmanor.co.uk/

    10am to 5pm on the Saturday, then out on the hills (or indoors if
the weather is bad) for operating/testing on the Sunday. If there is
sufficient interest we will arrange a table for dinner on the Friday
and/or Saturday evenings. Please let us know if you are coming so we can
arrange food and tables for dinner:  heather@myorangedragon.com   07802
548 938.
    As before, the emphasis will be on making, debugging and testing
Microwave (and all things radio) projects. There will be a couple of
talks during the day and tables set aside for bring and buy but the main
focus will be on the large array of test and assembly equipment and,
most importantly, lots of expertises on hand to help get your projects
up and running. As well as the usual Spectrum Analysers, Power Meters
and so on, we will also have SMD rework/assembly facilities, High
Altitude Balloon testing, Antenna Testing, DATV systems and a full QO100
SSB and DATV station..G8GTZ-portable-150x150

    We have reserved one of the Estate’s Holiday Cottages to provide
accommodation for visitors to the event. All rooms are en-suite,
available as double/twin (and possibly triple) beds and will cost £110
per room, for the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights).. There may be an
option on the Sunday night as well. Guests can arrive from 5pm on Friday
and we will be ready to kick stuff off on the Friday evening is people
want to start doing things as soon as they arrive. Please contact Eaton
Manor on 01694 724 814 to book a room.

    The Event itself will cost £10 per person, this covers refreshments
and a full cooked lunch on Saturday (which has been superb for the past
events we have held) and access to Brown Clee on the Sunday.


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