September End of Month 24/09/20

20 09 2020

Yep its the end of the month yet again. Still in lockdown we will be meeting on Zoom once again. This month Mike Cassell will be giving a talk on his favourite subject Gaming, more specifically gaming under the Linux Platform. I’m sure this will be of interest so I will be expecting a good turn out. Hope to see you there (Zoom details to follow)!

Sept midmonth meeting 10/09/20

8 09 2020

bull-horn-300x300That time of the month is here again. Thursday 10/09/20 @19:30…Usual Project and social focus. Meeting will be held on Zoom,  details via the mailing list see you all there.

August End of Month Meetup 27/08/20

25 08 2020

muffslugi_bearbeitet-1Philip Barns will be giving us a talk on how to process dashcam video and other materials  via custom scripts to produce images for theOpen street Mapsequivalent of Streetview Mapillary / open Streetmap.  Again the meeting will be on Zoom starting at 19:30  this Thursday 27/08/20 More details to follow!

August Midmonth Meetup 13/08/20

12 08 2020

bull-horn-300x300Meetup as usual on Zoom  19:30pm  Thursday 13/08/20. Usual social Blab, project talks, gossip. A random meetup with the Landlord of the Arleston Inn was fruitful as they are now open for Business ..Any takers for a Physical meetup socially distancing  in the Gardens in the near future. ’til then see you on line!

July End of Month Meeting 30/07/20

29 07 2020

scarter Cloud Ready is an Android based  OS from Neverware designed to bring life to old laptops and the likes. Steve Carter installs on old and abandoned hardware to investigate usability and features on the free distribution.

Meeting starts on Zoom 7.30pm Thursday 30/07/20 …See you there !


July midmonth meeting 09/07/20

9 07 2020

bull-horn-300x300That time of the month is here again. Usual Project and social focus. Meeting will be held on Zoom,  details via the mailing list see you all there.

Bret Fisher talk available on Youtube

9 07 2020

Old-fashioned four legged TV set isolatedThanks again to Bret for an excellent talk on Docker fundamentals, if you want to see it but didnt have the opotunity then you can now watch it here on Youtube.


June End of Month Talk 25/06/20

20 05 2020

Moby-logoBret Fisher Docker Captainand author of several online Courses on Docker& Kubernetes  will be giving us an online talk on Docker pitched at beginner to intermediate level. Talk will be online via Zoom thanks again to John Kennedy of NovaLUGfor helping us out with this presentation.


June Mid Month Talk 11/06/20

20 05 2020

bull-horn-300x300 Mid Month Social and Projects Meetup either online via Zoom or back at the Arleston Inn if that is possible …Lets see you there!!

May End of Month Meeting 28/05/20

20 05 2020

Kvmbanner-logo2_1John Alexander will be delivering a talk on the popular multi-platform virtualisation system KVM. What is it, how does it work and  what I can do with it? A beginner to intermediate talk on what KVM provides to the user and how to use it in practical hands on  manner both on desktop and Server.