April End of Month 26/04/18

4 04 2018

Stuartcat By Great Odin’s Raven, Stuart is back again!!!

Did you know that you could create apps using WordPress No? I didnt either!!!

Stuart will be discussing how to create apps using WordPress to help you provide the Web front end saving you much of the ugly coding involved in this area. Stuart will be working from examples in the book and others of his own creation. As usual the meeting will be at the Cock Hotel Wellington 7pm. See you there..


April Mid Month 12/04/18

4 04 2018

bull-horn-300x300Flush from our succesful end of Month we shall be running our usual Mid month event at the Aleston Inn Thursday @7pm. Maintaining it’s usual project and social focus but also it will be just before our prospective balloon hardware test launch on the side of a man capable hot air balloon. It will be nice to get the LoRa and other telemetry projects in place so we can make use of this test flight and give others chance to test their setups also. So talk will inevitably be about getting this and the S/W working.

See you there ….

March end of month Review

4 04 2018

cockhotelThanks to every one who came to our end of month meeting at the Cock Hotel. I for one wa very pleased with the turn out and the roundtable style project discussions started off by Richard Wilkinson worked out very well indeed. Not only were the talks them selves interesting to the group as a whole but also feedback to the individual seemed to work very well with quite a few problems solved. As those there will confirm the projects varied in scope from more maker orientated aircraft cockpits, to radio and then to more Linux orientated applications and even graphics primitives and bindings.

It’s nice to see so many different projects coming productivly under one banner..keep it up!

March End of Month 29/03/18

26 03 2018

logoHi there all, thanks to Ian for chivying up the troops whilst I was away! The End of month meeting is upon us again as usual  this Thursday at the Cock Hotel Wellington Starting at 7pm. Topic is your current favorite project/obsession.

Richard Wilkinson has kindly offered to open the proceedings with his list of projects.Hope to see you all there…….

Feb Mid Month 8/02/18

2 02 2018

bull-horn-300x300 A few of us are off to FOSDEM this weekend which will be fantastic. As soon as we are back the Mid Month Meeting will be on Thursday the 8th of Feb as the 2nd Thursday as fallen earlier than usual, still at the Arleston Inn and still starting @7pm. We had 15 turn up to Ian’s January talk so it will be nice to continue this success on to the project/talking shop meeting. See you there hopefully with wild stories from FOSDEM 😉


Jan’ End of Month 25/01/18 A Man(Person) Shed to rule them all (Linux and non Linux projects)

15 01 2018

Nerd CommanderWeither you are developing your latest app on your lap or Arduino project on the dinnertable you will be in need for a section of the house to dedicate as a workplace to work more effectively. Ian will be talking about this age old problem and how he’s soved his and others’ workspace problems. Have a question or a fun solution to a problem bring it with you or better still put it up on the list so others can help or even be helped by the knowledgable List Mavens!



January Mid Month 11/01/18

8 01 2018

bull-horn-300x300First meeting of 2018 the January Midmonth is on Thursday 11/01/18 @7pm again at the Arleston Inn. Lets talk Turkey (or maybe not since its no longer xmas!!). Usual Linux oriented  project chit chat. Brought yourself something nice that you would like to bring please do I’ll be very interested  to see what you’ve brought. See you there!