Living with Linux – Windows to Linux Switch Dec’16

Well, its been interesting these last few weeks to the point I actually gave up on Fedora for a while in frustration or as I explained it to John “I had a blonde moment!”

The story was that I was still having issues with MP3 files, from my last piece, you might remember that I had managed to install an MP3 codec (LAME) and was able to play MP3 files I had stored on my Vortexbox Server. However, I now had received a new Audio CD and wanted to rip it for use in my car as well as add it to the Vortexbox. Well, to my surprise I found that though I had installed a CD Ripper, it refused to rip the CD to MP3, even though I had installed LAME.

In my frustration, I gave up and swapped my hard drive with another spare and installed Ubuntu Mate and with a couple of quick installs I was both happily ripping CDs and copying them to my server.

In reality it probably took me far longer to do this than to just search for a resolution for Fedora, but again in my eyes, it seems Fedora unnecessarily makes life harder than it needs to be. Being used to Windows and Ubuntu, I am quite used to installing software and it just working, and to me at the moment it seems that Fedora isn’t this friendly, maybe this will change as I use it more?

Installing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) or in my case MARIADB which I believe is a fork of MySQL. Using the command line and an online tutorial I quickly managed to install the entire stack and get it working under simple tests.


The tutorial I used (entitled “Setting Up LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP) on Fedora 24 Server”) can be found at:

Though there was one issue with the installation of MariaDB but I read though the comments under the tutorial and quickly found the resolution.

As can be seen in the attached image I used an example piece of PHP code I found on the net to test the Apache/PHP part of the install with success.

I now need to try using the database, initially I will try installing existing code, possibly WordPress, Joomla or maybe Moodle., this will form part of my next piece for the SLUG website.

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