Next Meeting 28th June at Telford College

26 06 2012

We have Martin Farrow of Versacloud along this month who will be interviewed about his many years of working with industry level Linux provision at a level many people dream of doing but never will. It will be an interview and questions session.

Also bring along comments about putting together a demo of Linux, robots and Arduinos for the Telford Hamfest in September.

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2010 January meeting report.

27 01 2010

A surprisingly healthy turnout for the January SLUG meeting despite the cold.

Half the members consuming an equally healthy Steak Dinner and Pud.
(Remember to bring an empty stomach with you to meetings as Tuesday is steak night with free pud …Excellent value !)

Many Demos and much talking :

VGA and HDMI converters and Upscalers showing how to get a full 1080p on your TV from ANY computer Linux/Windows or MAC. Ideal for media presentations or conferences.

Sumvision Media player (Cyclone MKV) and how to get to the Busybox prompt and access the embedded Linux system

Digimode Radio again 😉 Thanks Dave for a good chat

Various small Linux machines (Acer/Asus Beasts) and iPhones in Evidence

Talking Points
Telford Hackerspace feasibility
Visit to Birmingham Hackerspace

I see the Brummie LUG want to go there or at least have a talk about it :

WSPR (more Radio Stuff :D)

Plus many other bits including a big Hi to the “Newbury Massive” Lee C,John A !!

Remember that SLUG relies on your participation. If you are reading this and don’t remember it then you weren’t there and missed out, get your self down to the Station Inn on the Last Tuesday of every month (including the cold ones!!).

23rd of Feb 19:30 onwards …Come earlier and get your Cow Dinner ordered!
Location: Station Inn

Topic (provisional)

John Alexander depending on commitments will be discussing his trip to the
FOSDEM conference in Brussels

AFU Knoppix V6 Released

31 05 2009

I’m pleased to see the AFU Knoppix has been released – initially with a broken kernal in the EN version, which wouldn’t boot.  As promised they fixed it and its a neat distro for radio hams with plenty of software pre-installed, which saves time and cursing (when you get stuck in a library loop – wont work – no lib – cant install lib wrong ver.  previous one doesnt work,  previous ver wont work with newer other libs….. etc) .

It’s a live distro as per Knoppix and look on the German only page (Google translate is useful here) at

Look at the bottom of the 14/5/9 posting for a link to the EN ver.  I’ve got it and enjoyed using it – not a fan of KDE though, AFU is sorted mostly – though some multi-language applicaitons appear – worth a try.

Dave H G0CER

Meeting report February 2009

1 03 2009

A practical evening – albeit low on attendance. Dave H (moi, the author of this)  brought along his ham radio kit and  Acer Aspire One running Ubuntu UNR – and demonstrated it running a few different applications (QSSTV, GMFSK, FLDIGI and MixW running in wine) – the radio had a simple aerial but still managed to receive ham radio stations from all over Europeon 7MHz – not surprising at 8pm but with al all the electrical noise about it was a bit of surprise.  I was unable to transmit back due to the awfulness of the aerial (high SWR) , but it was demo only.

Dave operating the Acer Ubuntu netbook with his FT817 radio at lug meeting

Dave operating the Acer Ubuntu netbook with his FT817 radio at lug meeting

John A brought along a selection of access points that can be hacked for various uses and are cheap to buy.  He also had his laptop with some videos of vblogs listed below – YMMV but worth a nose through them.