February Talk …FOSDEM 2013

10 03 2013

I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s FOSDEM event in Brussels early this Feb’.

It’ s an annual event started in 2001 and although aimed at developers or others involved in Open Source projects it’s open to anyone who has an interest in open source software.

Held in the University of Brussels it’s simply huge with some 7000 attendees and 486 speakers for 487 sessions and 40 tracks it simply takes over the campus for the weekend,

many of these sessions were videoed I highly recommend visiting their Video Repository.

In a short paragraph it’s simply not possible to tell you every thing that was there every area of open source software was represented, there’s something for any and everyone. I was particularly interested in the Linux on ARM /ARM64 talks and robotics tracks and no doubt I’ll be talking about these at some latter date

There are also developer rooms where project members can get together and code as well as the normal stalls of  Companies and open Source projects.

It should be noted that although they give you the opportunity to donate the entire event is free to attendees, flight and hotel for 3 days was less than £200 a bargain!!

Inspire yourself next year and go to FOSDEM 2014


Next Meeting 28th June at Telford College

26 06 2012

We have Martin Farrow of Versacloud along this month who will be interviewed about his many years of working with industry level Linux provision at a level many people dream of doing but never will. It will be an interview and questions session.

Also bring along comments about putting together a demo of Linux, robots and Arduinos for the Telford Hamfest in September.

Download the poster


May meeting Thursday 31st

28 05 2012

Mini-hardware night
We’ve rattled together a collection of hardware people are talking about – in and out of the Linux Community and the owners are bringing them along to demonstrate and discuss with others how to use them, what they can be used for and swap some notes of help each other sort problems out.

  •  Makerbot & Linux software driving it. (we had driver probs at the last Hamfest & no inet – now to see Linux with it
  •  IModella the Modella’s little brother
  • Raspberry Pi, and local created case (available for order!)
  •  …. more.. as they used to say “run what you brung” (prefer to run things from laptops if PC is required).

Other discussions, meetups, self help groups can happen if required.

Usual meeting place

– Telford College (http://www.tcat.ac.uk/other/collegeinfo/map.html ) and TF1 2NP got GPSs
7pm to 9pm 31st May. Room E201 (just ask security if its your first visit).

Note: next month is the last meeting at Telford College till September due to evening building lock-up.
We’re looking around for ideas for Summer venue?

February 2012 Meeting at Telford College – Evening of Feb 23rd from 7pm to 9pm

16 02 2012

The regular monthly meeting takes place in room E201 at Telford College and will be a talk and video demonstration of methods of creating printed circuit boards.

Here is a link to a PDF download poster for the event.


Please come along – its free and for  Linux, hacking and open source and a php self-help group.

Follow this link to see how to get to the College




Feb 2011 Meeting – Should we start a practical-only session?

15 02 2011

Feb 22nd at the Station Inn, horsehay Telford.
Would you like to see a practical session?
Perhaps a different day, during the weekend? Where do you want it to be, should we pay for it? (probably have to if elsewhere!) and what kind of things can you think of or do! Bring ideas to talk about.

After a lot of traffic on the listserver about this – we can decide on what to do next.

2010 January meeting report.

27 01 2010

A surprisingly healthy turnout for the January SLUG meeting despite the cold.

Half the members consuming an equally healthy Steak Dinner and Pud.
(Remember to bring an empty stomach with you to meetings as Tuesday is steak night with free pud …Excellent value !)

Many Demos and much talking :

VGA and HDMI converters and Upscalers showing how to get a full 1080p on your TV from ANY computer Linux/Windows or MAC. Ideal for media presentations or conferences.

Sumvision Media player (Cyclone MKV) and how to get to the Busybox prompt and access the embedded Linux system

Digimode Radio again 😉 Thanks Dave for a good chat

Various small Linux machines (Acer/Asus Beasts) and iPhones in Evidence

Talking Points
Telford Hackerspace feasibility
Visit to Birmingham Hackerspace

I see the Brummie LUG want to go there or at least have a talk about it :

WSPR (more Radio Stuff :D)

Plus many other bits including a big Hi to the “Newbury Massive” Lee C,John A !!

Remember that SLUG relies on your participation. If you are reading this and don’t remember it then you weren’t there and missed out, get your self down to the Station Inn on the Last Tuesday of every month (including the cold ones!!).

23rd of Feb 19:30 onwards …Come earlier and get your Cow Dinner ordered!
Location: Station Inn

Topic (provisional)

John Alexander depending on commitments will be discussing his trip to the
FOSDEM conference in Brussels