June meeting Thursday 26th Cock Hotel 7pm

25 06 2014

Same time, same channel meeting Themes:

Gary’s Arduino Stuff (part2)

My server stuff (free format)

Hackathon stuff, Who what where and how (Saturday July 5th)!

TDARS Radio Rally  what and who is manning the stand(31st August).

Probably something on the DSTAR board for the Raspberry Pi and our Case for it.


Beer, Porkpies  and chat as usual

Raspberry Pi Thermal imaging Video

26 08 2013

Whilst working out why a friend’s Raspberry Pi kept crashing I noticed that the NIC/USB chip is in fact running quite hot. Using a thermal imaging camera I decided to take a set of  images  as the Pi booted XBMC. Figured it would be fun to  merge them into a video and put it here.

March 2013 Meeting- Battle Robots and Raspberry Pi/JAM

17 03 2013

March ’13 SLUG meet is held as usual at the Cock Hotel Wellington Thursday 28th @7:30 onwards. Food is available on the night. This month David Owen has kindly volunteered to bring his combat robot along and give us a talk on it’s inner workings. Second up is a group talk on the up coming Raspberry Jam, what can you do for the cause, bring your Raspberry  🙂 !!!


May meeting Thursday 31st

28 05 2012

Mini-hardware night
We’ve rattled together a collection of hardware people are talking about – in and out of the Linux Community and the owners are bringing them along to demonstrate and discuss with others how to use them, what they can be used for and swap some notes of help each other sort problems out.

  •  Makerbot & Linux software driving it. (we had driver probs at the last Hamfest & no inet – now to see Linux with it
  •  IModella the Modella’s little brother
  • Raspberry Pi, and local created case (available for order!)
  •  …. more.. as they used to say “run what you brung” (prefer to run things from laptops if PC is required).

Other discussions, meetups, self help groups can happen if required.

Usual meeting place

– Telford College (http://www.tcat.ac.uk/other/collegeinfo/map.html ) and TF1 2NP got GPSs
7pm to 9pm 31st May. Room E201 (just ask security if its your first visit).

Note: next month is the last meeting at Telford College till September due to evening building lock-up.
We’re looking around for ideas for Summer venue?