Ubuntu LTS 12.04 at 12.04 BST No Service on the website..

28 04 2012

So for those waiting for the latest LTS release – seems there must have been overwhelming amount of you trying to get it at 12:04 locking up the website.

I downloaded it late last night and am trying it on a spare old Acer 1642z laptop – I’m still not sure about Unity. I may comment later when its finished a long install which (if you want) can download/install updates and let you use the computer while it installs, its over an hour now.

I’ve had a friend tell me the install is flakey in the 64bit version – so I’ll leave that alone for a while.

Anyone else want to comment on the new Ubuntu LTS?

Review of November LUG meeting

3 01 2012

A new venue for the LUG and our first meeting kicked everything off great.

The room at Telford College was decent size, a projector that could be linked too (a whiteboard if you have the drivers!). There is even reasonable sound system as well. We had access from 7 to 9pm.

13 people came along to see Jons talk – some returnees – welcome back! Jons talk introducing Ubuntu went down really well, it began with a live boot, then install (brave man!) also installing typical things that a user would need to have following a newly setup Ubuntu computer – like Flash. Them Jon did a walk through the capabilities of ubuntu. This had full attention and plenty of questions asked.

We began to run out of time and some of the questions seem to naturally lead onto a second talk – like describing use of the terminal. Jon has said he’ll do another talk later in 2012 for follow-up this one.

Thanks Jon, a fine start – lets hope 2012 follows on as well as this.

Meeting report February 2009

1 03 2009

A practical evening – albeit low on attendance. Dave H (moi, the author of this)  brought along his ham radio kit and  Acer Aspire One running Ubuntu UNR – and demonstrated it running a few different applications (QSSTV, GMFSK, FLDIGI and MixW running in wine) – the radio had a simple aerial but still managed to receive ham radio stations from all over Europeon 7MHz – not surprising at 8pm but with al all the electrical noise about it was a bit of surprise.  I was unable to transmit back due to the awfulness of the aerial (high SWR) , but it was demo only.

Dave operating the Acer Ubuntu netbook with his FT817 radio at lug meeting

Dave operating the Acer Ubuntu netbook with his FT817 radio at lug meeting

John A brought along a selection of access points that can be hacked for various uses and are cheap to buy.  He also had his laptop with some videos of vblogs listed below – YMMV but worth a nose through them.



Ubuntu on underwater UAV

16 10 2008

The popular hackaday website today posted a link to a writeup of the recent underwater UAV competition entry from Cambridge University, featured on the mini-ITX website. Scroll down a bit, you will notice rather than a lightweight embedded platform its actually using Ubuntu 8.04 on a picoITX. Possibly overkill in terms of CPU usage, but an interesting direction to head in.