By John Alexander

Nautilus Gears

  1. John’s Raspberry Pi Stuff
  2. Odroids/Orange+Banana PIs, Other SBCs and similar!
  3. Acrylic cases and other objects.
  4. FOSDEM/Raspberry Jam other conferences.(Mostly Videos)
  5. Radio projects(mostly relating to Balloon launch+Beacons)
  6. Video editing under Linux
  7. Links(Things I found interesting or useful )


2 responses

8 05 2015

Hi, whaat is this? A “Golden Ratio” Super device channeled straight from Archimedes ?? Looks cool, though.

14 07 2015

Yeah some kind of Gearbox type thing that I was plying with some time ago.
Sorry for the delay I didn’t have the notifications switched on… Also need to work out how to have sub pages from this one as well 🙂

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