Raspberry Pi B+ in Pictures and Video

Raspberry Pi B+ In Pictures

Posted by John Alexander in Raspberry Pi on Jul 16, 2014 4:24:00 PM

My Raspberry Pi B+ arrived yesterday so I thought I’d take a few photos of both the B+ and the changes but also how existing boars do do not fit the B+ design!


PI+  Full Frontal


B+ Network (now with Blinkin’ Lights) and the all important 4 USB ports


New 4 port USB Variant of the original 2 port device, Composite Phono has gone to be replaced with a 4 pole AV combo on the other side


The Rear has been tided up and the full sized SDcard is replaced with a nice metal  micro SD push push device!


The Micro USB power connector is now on the same side as the HDMI and the Linear regulators replaced by this Switch mode.

Expect lower supply currents and hopefully reliability !!


Small CISECO Radio board fits easily no problems


Unfortunately a no go with The PI Face Control and Display



Same for the Pi Face Digital



Adafruit’s Prototyping board stands higher and thus is free of the board underneath and fits fine


(All images My copyright)

As you can see they a have taken many of the problems that existed in the B and have mitigated them in the B+.

The B+ is a true incremental release in this respect the extra USB ports and SMPs PSU should improve functionality and reliability.

Overall the physical layout changes are a great improvement  having connectors on only two sides will aid case designers and integrators alike. Large boards do foul the connectors some redesign is required for these (maybe a physical lift upwards??)

Extra I/O on the 40 pin connector should prove interesting as well!!

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