Living with Linux – Windows to Linux Switch – My Encounters


Well, the first full week with Linux as sole Operating Systems on both of my Laptops.

On my Net-book (i3 with 2 GB Ram), this was a breeze, removed the Windows 7 OS and installed PCLinuxOS 64bit from USB Key on to my 500GB SSHD. Nice and simple and everything worked well out of the box as the saying goes. Well almost everything, still not figured out how to get the built in Web Cam working and the Thumbprint Scanner doesn’t seem to work either, though this is no loss to me as I don’t envision using them.

On my main Laptop (i5 8GB Ram) only trialling this on an old 320GB 5400rpm hard drive, but at this point seems to work well though I did run in to a couple of issues. Firstly YUM, not sure about this, being used to either using ‘apt-get install’ or Synaptic for my package management, at this point YUM seems quite an unfriendly way of doing things, maybe I am missing something?

Next came my issues of not being able to play MP3 based music following the install. The resolution to this took a little searching, but eventually got this sorted thanks to the information I found at About-Hack ( Followed the instructions and now I am happy again to be playing music on my laptop.

Discovered today that my main laptop has a tilt sensor, did not know this until I went to move the laptop off my lap, the screen rotated 90’ and I didn’t know how I had done it. It never did this under Windows 7, 8 or 10. Searches from my net-book suggested installing this or changing that, but lifting up the laptop again to move it resulted in the screen rotating again, EUREKA..!! Though I can see that this will quickly become annoying, so will have to research how to turn off this feature.

In the past I have got quite used to several desktop environments in Linux, liking XFCE, MATE, KDE, Cinnamon and Enlightenment for example. Fedora installed with the not so new now GNOME environment, in the past I have always been quick to replace this as I really am not a fan, but this time I am determined to give it a fair chance as other people seem to get on with it OK.


This week, I spent a couple of hours at John’s Lock-up, making a proper start on some programming for my little robot. Using the Linux version of the Arduino IDE on my Net-Book, I was able to get the Ultrasonics working and providing distance measurements in centimetres, also started setting up the functions that will eventually be used to control the robots direction/speed of travel.

I make no secret of the fact that I am a gamer and the loss of my Windows based games will be hard to endure for too long, though I have had a little luck in the past getting some older Windows games running under WINE such as Unreal and Homeworld, I will have to see what is on offer for Linux based gamers going forward. Maybe see what STEAM has to offer.

Going forward from this point, I need to get an in-site into user management, and I really need to understand package management using the tools that Fedora provides though at the moment I am not sure they are as intuitive as the DEB way of doing things.


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