Event: Maximising your Opportunities with Open Source

20 09 2014

On October 16 – a Thursday night we have a series of talks at an event at Telford College 

Please register on this link:  Maximising your opportunities with Open Source

This is organised by ourselves Shropshire Linux Users Group and British Computing Society (Shropshire) and support of Computing Dept. at Telford College


Have you ever wondered whether you are using Open Source enough? Is it the smart thing to do? Is it relevant to my business or career? Is it just for geeks? Are there risks? Well this is the event to attend full of informed students and experienced business professionals. Expect big discussions seeded by concise talks describing how Open Source is using in different sectors. You will be surprised, and hopefully inspired to go away and use some of these marvellous tools. However there is always two sides to a coin !

An event not to be missed by smart students or business.

With grateful thanks

To Telford College of Arts and Technology for hosting this event.

  1. Agenda
  2. Doors open 6.30 for Coffee etc.
  3. Intro/Safety – Ed Bedell MC (BCS Committee)   and Telford College representative – 5 mins.
  4. Shropshire Linux Group Why you need to partake  – 5 min
  5. BCS, Why you need to join – 5 mins – Hollie Whittles (BCS Shropshire Chair)
  6. Open source, An overview – 15 mins – Adam Sweet (Transitiv Technologies)
  7. Open source for Infrastructure and the Corporate  – 15mins – LinuxIT
  8. Open Source for the Microsoft Startup – 15mins – Ed  Bedell (CreaNova)
  9. Open Source for the Website provider. – 15mins – Hollie Whittles (FraggleWorks)
  10. Q&A  with Adam Sweet, LinuxIT, Ed Bedell, Hollie Whittles

Thanks and End.  Ed Bedell & Telford College

Finish at 9pm.

Should groups of visitors want to further network – there are local pubs nearby:

 See you there!

SLUGs @ TDARS Radio Rally

17 09 2014




John testing the  selfie cam with Don at the Hamfest before the event opened. The popularity of this on the day  with young people seemed to show that there is an interest in technology as long as you make it relevant to them in their terms or at least  in a way they can understand and see a result.



Shropshire Linux User Group(Yeah SLUG!!) had a stand at the local Radio Rally(TDARS) on the 1st.

We had a 3D printer,QSSTV decoding images from our visitor operated “SSTV Selfie Cam” running on a Raspberry Pi and FLDIGI  busily decoding data from the attached radio. Around 1000 visitors came through the doors so we had our work cut out demonstrating and showing all things Linux to the  Radio crowd!


Cambridge Jam-Bring on the Robots

17 09 2014

On the on going tour of “geek festivals” I went to the Cambridge Raspberry Jam, lots of talks, Tutorials and even more Vendors with cool toys!

I particularly like the talk from Andy Baker with his home brew Quadcopter controlled with a Raspberry Pi:

Additionally they are trying something new next time by running a “piwars” type event with feats of strength and skill for PI based robots from 16 teams. There’s now a waiting list to join the fun but still plenty of tickets if you only want to spectate

Get your Tickets here:


August ’14 Mint 17 Talk by Phiz

17 09 2014

Just in case the outsiders have been thinking that SLUG went to sleep over the Summer  I thought it best to mention Phiz’s talk on Mint 17 distribution in August. Phiz did several installs on laptops for the on lookers. Mint 17 is worth a try as a first  try at a day to day Linux desktop OS promising to look the same until 2019 I believe(There’s commitment for ya’!!).

Wuthering Bytes ’14 the videos

17 09 2014

John Alexander

Well a few weeks ago now I actually got down to Wuthering Bytes Open Hardware Meetup @ Hebden Bridge, UK once again.

The meet up was excellent as usual and now extends over 3 days including the Sunday Workshop. Having a single track  over two days made it easier to see all the talks with out compromise. Talks varied from designing space capable rockets to flood warning systems and the future of microprocessors .£10 per day with some food represented excellent value!

Thanks again to the organisers for all your work, I for one are looking for Wuthering Bytes £15

Want to see more videos, there’s plenty more here!!

June meeting Thursday 26th Cock Hotel 7pm

25 06 2014

Same time, same channel meeting Themes:

Gary’s Arduino Stuff (part2)

My server stuff (free format)

Hackathon stuff, Who what where and how (Saturday July 5th)!

TDARS Radio Rally  what and who is manning the stand(31st August).

Probably something on the DSTAR board for the Raspberry Pi and our Case for it.


Beer, Porkpies  and chat as usual

May Meeting 29th May Cockhotel 7pm

26 05 2014

A quick 5 mins from everyone at the Hackathon event showing their designs.

Discussions on the June Hackathon even who what where and  how!!

More server internals and howtos from my self .

Talk, beer, food as usual

See you all there ImageImage



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