June meeting Thursday 26th Cock Hotel 7pm

25 06 2014

Same time, same channel meeting Themes:

Gary’s Arduino Stuff (part2)

My server stuff (free format)

Hackathon stuff, Who what where and how (Saturday July 5th)!

TDARS Radio Rally  what and who is manning the stand(31st August).

Probably something on the DSTAR board for the Raspberry Pi and our Case for it.


Beer, Porkpies  and chat as usual

May Meeting 29th May Cockhotel 7pm

26 05 2014

A quick 5 mins from everyone at the Hackathon event showing their designs.

Discussions on the June Hackathon even who what where and  how!!

More server internals and howtos from my self .

Talk, beer, food as usual

See you all there ImageImage


April 24th Meeting 7pm onwards at the Cock Hotel Wellington

23 04 2014


Important information to the LUG At this time (00:30 24/04/2014) the mailman listserver and lugs.org.uk appear to be down
– so group emails aren’t being delivered.

 However – please come along to the LUG meeting Thursday evening as usual.

We hope to have two talks:

  • Gary with an introduction to his  CANbus microcontroller project
  • John A with a continuation of his ODroid project


John demonstrates the Odroid U3

13 04 2014

John demonstrates the Odroid U3

March 2014’s meeting at the Cock Hotel, John Alexander demonstrated an Odroid mini pc with a small enough format to bolt to the back of a standard fitting of a TV and drive it via HDMI. He worked through its facilities and capabilities, booting it’s OS very quickly and nicely included multimedia TV application that all promises to just work unlike the click and wait (and hope) by another similar device. Incedentaly – contact John if you are interested in these.

Odroid U3 power measurements

6 04 2014

I have a good few Odroid U3  SBCs I’m currently evaluating.

During this process I have been taking current measurements from

my bench supply whilst getting the U3 to perform various painful tasks such as 1080p

video playback and CPUBURN on 1,2,3 & all for all  4x 1.7GHZ cores.

Less demanding but more realistic I went through some web browsing, word processing

and Graphics “editing” with GIMP

Approximate results.

Idle 0.2-0.3A

Booting 0.3-0.9peak

Normal tasks 0.4-0.5A

CPU BURN 4cores 1.4A

1080p Movie playback 0.8-1.0A

PIFace Control & Display Tear Down

30 12 2013

Currently involved  with the rather fun PiNoir & Santa Catcher Challenge one

of the main Components for the Challenge Kit is the PIFace Control & Display


We wanted to know what’s inside and what’s connected to what but unfortunately

the 16×2 LCD is soldered to the main PCB. Fortunately I have a good de-solder tool to hand

and a few minutes latter we had this.



First thing you see is the 16 bit SPI port expander from Microchip MCP23S17




From a set of very close photos I’m taking an educated guess the IR Receiver (SV2)  is a Vishay TSOP 34438.

Take a look at the data sheet and the drawing below to get an idea of how it’s connected..


I’ve done a check over with the multimeter and checked the continuity and values where appropriate and I feel they are

more or less right .. please contact us with any comments or corrections ..cheers


Here’s the Johnny CAD drawing and yes I know I can’t draw !!

PiFace Control and Display.png

Derby Makerfaire 2013

2 12 2013

Had a great time at the Derby Makerfaire last weekend and as usual took a load of video of the various exhibits and traders

hope you like the general theme. If you are from the area or can get down to the next one it will definitely be worth a visit.

Here are the vids

A somewhat collection of Robot Organ  and Astronaut Caravan

The Shropshire Linux User Group’s 3d Printing and Flashy light stand

Jim Spence of ByVac giving a great overview of the company’s new Raspberry Pi product line

Awesome one wheeled self balancing Skateboard

Project Laika and Kitronics exhibiting their robot control board for the PI

Richard Haber’s collection of POV LED Clocks

Blink Stick show their post Kickstarter Flashy light and Hexapod



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