Piduino- Expansion for the RaspberryPI

4 03 2012

Prototype Arduino clone for the new RaspberryPI is been developed within SLUG. Still at the early stages we are expecting this to be a very popular item within the RaspberryPi comunity allowing users to use existing Software and expansion shields whilst still using the same development IDE.

The project as since been mentioned on Element14, watch this space for further developments.

Last minute Linux toys for Christmas?

21 12 2008

705895Unsure what to get the geek in your life for Christmas? Ive just been looking for a suitable netbook for my parents to take on their travels. Item of choice at present looks to be the AspireOne from Acer, which on the face of it seems ideal. 8.5 inch screen, slightly larger keyboard than the EeePC – a reasonably intuitive GUI that does a good job of making windows users feel less terrified. The underlying distro seems to based on fedora. The platform itself while easy enough for non-geeky users is fairly easy to customise, making it a good choice for those of us who cant resist fiddling. The best bit – Dixons seem to be selling these for about £170 right now. (most of the highstreet stores are a similar price). Have you been good this year? will Father Christmas be leaving you one? Leave a few hints around the house 😉

Life Hacker reviews USB booting distros

31 10 2008

The popular LifeHacker website has recently run a small, but useful review of USB booting linux distros – Personally I always keep a copy of DSL on a usb key with me – its helped me on numerous occasions (Most recently to get access back on a windows 2K server which had be “re-passworded”!)

Ubuntu on underwater UAV

16 10 2008

The popular hackaday website today posted a link to a writeup of the recent underwater UAV competition entry from Cambridge University, featured on the mini-ITX website. Scroll down a bit, you will notice rather than a lightweight embedded platform its actually using Ubuntu 8.04 on a picoITX. Possibly overkill in terms of CPU usage, but an interesting direction to head in.